Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rock and Ice 2011

Talk about early registration.

Just noticed on the Rock and Ice main page that registration is open for 2011. The dates are March 26-31, 2011.

Okay it may be a little early to commit to this, but if these dates are locked then it looks good, being at the end of March the weather may be a little less severe (but that is part of the fun). I'll have to contact Scott and see what is going on and how "for sure" this is. One note is that registration prices have gone up.

Time to start planning, again.

Weekly Summary Dec 14 - Dec 20

12/14/2009 — 12/20/2009: 60.9 km 6:28:30

Late Update :)

So it wasn't a high week as far as volume, but was with strength and that is the focus these days. Managed to get in 3 good snowshoe outings. The first was a 45min run in fresh powder, breaking the trail the whole way - talk about slow, averaged 9:00/km. Next was a 20min Tempo run - picked a more packed down trail for this, fun time kicking it up in the shoes. Finally Sunday's Long run (I think I am still recovering from this) ended up being on the trails close to home due to time constraints. Did 17km in the shoes is about 2:10 - and that was all I had. Everything was sore and tired. Who's bright idea was it to do 135km race?

Still managing to keep up the Vibram FF runs, even with the snow. Coldest so far, -19 for 15mins. Feet were a little chilled at the end. There is an interesting comment on the Steger Mukluk site that I think is relevant to running in Vibram's.

When your feet roll forward in a soft-soled boot, your nerve endings are stimulated to supply more warmth-giving blood to that area. It is the same as when your hands get cold, you move them to get more blood supply.

So even though there is no real insulation in the Vibram's, running in them stimulates the sole of your feet helping blood flow and keeping them warm. So don't be afraid, go run barefoot (almost) in the snow.

So it is the Christmas week - I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Enjoy the company of your loved ones, both Human and Animal, and let's get in the starting blocks to get ready for a great 2010.

Cheers my friends

Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly Summary Dec 7 - Dec 13

12/7/2009 — 12/13/2009: 45.6km 4:40:00

After a couple of good building weeks, this week was a step back and recovery week. I'd like to go on the record that I hate these even though I know how important they are. I felt like crap all week - tired and sore, seemed like I had zero energy. Ya know you need it when....

Anyhow as previously posted we have snow. I managed to get out for a 20min snowshoe run on Thursday and a good 50mins on Saturday. Snowshoeing is a sport where you have to check your ego at the door. It can be very tough going and expecting to come near your running pace is virtually impossible. Breaking trails through 20cm fresh snow, or negotiating paths created by walkers or vehicles on the trails, and after 10mins you're huffing and puffing. How can you not get stronger?

Kim and I had a fun time Saturday, we need to get some quick Christmas shopping done and a run so we combined it. 5km run to the mall - stripped off our outer wear, shopped, purchases in the pack and run back home. Sure beats the holiday traffic, and it was a lot of fun. Sunday I did my first every FF run in the snow. Surprisingly the feet did not get too cold. It was only -5 out, but running on packed snow it warmer that frost covered grass.

The highlight of the weekend had to be being witness to the Olympic Torch Relay as it rolled through Kanata. Be sure to check it out when it is in your neighbourhood. Here is the link to the interactive map. We were lucky to get our picture with the next torch bearer, and see the passing of the flame. Awesome.

This week we are ramping backup again with Tempo's and more snowshoeing. Sunday I hope to get in a 2.5hour run. I have been going over the trails in the Gatineau Park and there aren't as many as I had hoped, but I think I'll try trails 70,71,72 and see what distance and time it takes.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Finally!! I know, be careful what you wish for. We had a glorious 20cm of snow yesterday so that meant it was time to bring out the Dions and the Razors. I threw my snowshoes in a small Mountain Hardware pack the Kim won at the Val Morin Ultimate XC, and ran to the trails this morning. Just took it easy being the first day on the shoes, so just an comfortable 25min run breaking trail most of the way. It was tough going at first, but as usual once you get the rhythm, stride and form it becomes less work and a lot more fun. The Razors were amazing. Not the greatest to run to and from the trails in, but with the slippery streets and sidewalks not too much would have been. Once locked into the Dions, they were a match made in heaven. Find them quite warm, dry (not a flake of snow got in the gator boot), and felt fairly light and flexible. The only complaint I have with them is they are a little tight across the top of the foot, but a little adjusting and it is not really a issue.
The temperatures are suppose to remain cold so the snow will be here for a while. Saturday's long run will the split with 1/2 on the shoes, and Kim and I will be taking Strider for his first snowshoe walk on Sunday.
Happy, Happy.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekly Summary Nov 30 - Dec 6

11/30/2009 — 12/6/2009 88.4 km 8:05:00

Real solid week of training - really happy how it all went. I was a little tired starting off the week with the B2B last weekend, so the schedule got adjusted, just the days, not the workouts. This meant a tough end to the week. Wednesday's tire run felt great - really feel I am getting the hang of the pulling. Friday was my first ever of the dreaded Tempo Hill runs on the treadmill. Sunday was the crowning glory of the week with a excellent run on the Gatineau Trails with my buddy Eric. We started in the little town of Chelsea at the beginning of the main trail, trail #1, running to McKinstry Cabin - The 18.5km trip out took just over 1:50, and the deal was that we would take it easier on the return - Ha, never with Eric. 1:43 return trip.

So for Sunday's long run I decided to start playing around with my nutrition. I know for longer races I will not be able to survive on gels, and I learnt in Utah last year how important early and constant nutrition was. I don't plan on making that mistake again.

I had order a couple of pounds of Chia seeds from Superseeds and they arrived last week, just in time. So plan was to consume 1 serving and hour or so before the run, and another serving during my nutrition breaks. Added to that was a flask of Soya Milk (idea I got from Scott Jurek's Blog), PB Cups (Sara's idea), and good old PB and Jam.

The Chia Gel was made from 15g of seeds combined with 1/2 cup of Pomegranate juice & 1/2 cup of water. How did it go? Well I have to say pretty darn well. Over a 3.5hr, 37km trail run all I consumed was the 2nd serving of Chia Gel, two BP cups (Eric had one), 1/3 BP Sandwich (gave some to Eric again), 250ml of soya milk and 500ml of eload - and I never bonked. Interesting. I am not going to go off touting the Chia seed as a miracle product, but I am happy with it's performance so far. More testing to come.

So this week is a step back and will see volume and intensity both decrease. Good time to get Christmas chores done and go on a much needed date with Kimber. Oh! and there is snow and colder temperatures in the forecast.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Catch up time

I got in trouble at home for not at least posting my weekly updates for a while :)

So quick summary for the last 3 weeks

11/9/2009 — 11/15/2009 66.8 km 5:55:47
11/16/2009 — 11/22/2009 71.6 km 6:12:00
11/23/2009 — 11/29/2009 91.4 km 8:09:40

Home life and work life have been pretty busy, and and don't forget puppy life. Strider is doing great, he is in what we call the "troublesome threes" - but a sweetheart of a dog.

I am happy with my training - Derrick has been pushing, but not too hard and I have been responding well. I had a 34km run last Sunday (15th) and then B2B this week with my highest ever weekend of 52.25km.

Christmas is just around the corner so things are not going to settle down, but it is a great time of year, so all good.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekly Summary Nov 2 - Nov 8

11/2/2009 — 11/8/2009: 78.6 km 7:15:10

A fun week of training that included a bit of everything. Tempo/ Hill repeats / Tire (kegger) pulling and FF run. Finished off the week with a 3:00 run in the Gatineau park trails with Eric, Sunday.

Sunday's run was tough - we did a lot of climbing - just what I wanted - but at then end my heel (where my stress fracture was) started to really bother me. I have had this once before and a couple of easy days and it will get better. Hope it is the same this time. Before the fracture I had no pre-warnings, so don't know if it is related or me just being paranoid - anyhow better safe than sorry.

We did have a light dusting of snow this past week, but the temperatures have warmed right back up so it will still be at least until December before the snow shoes come out.

To begin the Christmas season, everyone should get out and Elf Yourself

Have a great week.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2010 Plan

Well pick yourself up and dust yourself off, no time to be sulky.

I am still feeling very hurt about the R&I cancellation, but things happen for a reason, so I am not going to dwell on it. Gear will be stowed and time has come to refocus.

I have decided to switch gears and try and complete my 2011 goal in 2010 - running and finishing the Haliburton Forest 100 mile Ultra.

I have put together a list of races for 2010 that I hope combined with the training will get me to the finish line in Haliburton.

April 19th - Boston Marathon

I find myself as scared and excited about this as I was with R&I, and also feel that this will help build a stronger base heading into R&I in 2011

One final note I'd like to add. This is not something I will be able to do myself. I have the love and support of the family which is critical, and have also secured coaching from Derrick Spafford, who has agreed to work with me through all the training and racing. Thank you all.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Temporarily Disappointing News

Hey Gang,

I'm afraid I have some disappointing news for you all. The crew and I will be scaling back the 2010 Rock and Ice Ultra to just the 1-day Cold Foot Classic; we have no choice but to cancel the K-Rock and Diamond Ultra next year.

The whole 'global economic crisis' has, in fact, been quite devastating to the mining and mineral exploration industry. Despite working in mineral exploration for nearly 20 years I have not been able to secure enough work this year to fund the Rock and Ice Ultra. We have the most amazingly supportive sponsors with BHP Billiton, MATRIX, Arctic Response and others but the operational costs for this event are many times more than that of a 'hot' desert race.

The crew and I have also just landed one of the very, very few exploration contracts in Canada and it will keep us working all through the winter. We have to take this work, there is nothing else out there and it will get us back on our feet so we can plan for Rock and Ice 2011.

This is very disappointing to me, the crew and our sponsors but we are committed to race again in 2011.

Weekly Summary Oct 26 - Nov 1

10/26/2009 - 11/1/2009: 80.3 km 7:13:07

First welcome back to Sara and Derrick from their first trip to the Rockies. I knew you would love it and never want to come back. Sara has posted a few amazing shots on her blog and Derrick on his

So the week in summary. Tuesday was a progressive run starting at 4:40/km and working up to 4:10. I did way better than I thought. Thursday was a tempo run on an easy trail, felt strong. Saturday was slogging through the Gatineau trails with pack at 7lbs in the rain, wind and mist, very tough hills and rocks and streams.

Couple of pics from Saturday.

In the mist

Water running down the trail

I was wasted after Saturday's run, but come Sunday the legs were not too bad and managed a respectable 1:34 run.

So I am in the strength phase now and as a result have just finished building my own Bubba - but mine is named Kegger.

1st pull in the backyard in fashionable guitar hero pants and mickey crocs .

So the pack is feeling good, doesn't seem to affect too much while running, but I can definitely feel is post run - tired.
No more to add

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Summary Oct 19 - Oct 25

10/19/2009 - 10/25/2009: 62.9 km 5:34:33

Mileage was still a little low, but recovery week from the Syndenham Fall Trail Race. Legs were a little tuckered in the early part of the week, but by Sunday's long run everything seemed back to normal.

I started reading Walking on Thin Ice, by David Hempleman-Adams (thanks Sara). Wow, seriously makes the 3 day K-Rock seem like a jog around the block. I will definitely keep thoughts of this in my head while I'm training and racing.

One thing that I need to get a handle on is sweat management. When I was researching it last spring the thoughts seemed to be to get the sweat to a outer surface where, if you have proper air circulation, the sweat will be evaporated. Hempleman-Adams worked under a different theory, trapping the sweat under insulating layers so it won't freeze and make you colder. Any thoughts?

Before Thursday's run I came up with an idea to make a condom for my Thermos water bottle from an old sock. I had been on the fence about using these bottles. Did my run with my pack, using Sara's idea of just stopping and unhitching the pack drinking and then continuing. Worked like a champ, so I picked up another bottle and on Sunday's run used them both, drank a litre of fluids in 2:00, no issues. Water Bottle issue solved and closed.

Body wise things are good. I have a on going issue with my right Piriformis. Flared up last year training for Goofy and comes and goes. Just something I have to keep on top of. Achilles have been getting better. I was playing around with my stride on Sunday's run. When I had my running assessment done, my major "flaw" was that even at a slow pace I cross my feet in front, and this she felt puts stress on my outer achilles. I figured it was about time to start working on this, with snowshoes you can't cross your feet without tripping. It was tough, but I'll keep at it.

The Gatineau Parkway is now closed for the season, can snow be that far behind? I hope not.

Finally I want to say and BIG thank you in advance to Kimber and the Kids. We had a couple of talks on the weekend about the next 5 months and how I am going to need everyones help to get to the start line. Training will be tough - the hardest I have ever taken on, and will need to rely heavily on them sometimes. They are all 100% behind me, so I know if I need something I just need to ask. Love you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekly Summary Oct 12 - Oct 18

10/12/2009 - 10/18/2009: 45.6 km 3:37:45

Well it was a low week, but that was good. The goal of this week was the Sydenham 8km race, so all paths led there.

First a HUGE thank you to Derrick, Sara, Brennan, Heather, Derrick's Parents, ALL the volunteers and God and Mother Nature for a perfect race. Everyone had a great time and everything ran like clock work - a well oiled machine for sure.

As I mentioned last week, my goal was to run between 34'-35'. This week I focused on shorter faster runs to get them out of the LSD mode. Near the end of the week I was feeling "speedier" and toed the line hoping to run 4:10/km. I finished in 33:25, just a touch over my goal pace, 15th overall and thanks to other placings came 2nd in my AG. Kim also won 2nd in her AG, so it was a good showing for the Kanata contingent.

On another note, flights for Yellowknife are booked thanks to AirMiles. We will arrive on the Thursday afternoon(18th) and will be there until the following Saturday.

So R&I is now a measly 5 months out - which may seem like a long time and it is, but there is a lot to do, so the mentality from now on that every day is a blessing and not to waste it. There is Training and Strengthening, Resting and Stretching, Gear Prepping and Practicing, Studying and getting Psyched.

Finally safe travels to Sara and Derrick heading out to Banff and the snow. Hope you enjoy the Rockies, they are breathtaking. Have a great time.

Our Favourite place - Moraine Lake

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekly Summary Oct 5 - Oct 11

10/5/2009 - 10/11/2009: 101 km 9:06:01

There is something about the "1" and "0" on a training log, whether it is a 100km or 10 hours, it feels like a major barrier has been breached. If felt good this week too break the 100km mark and do it feeling strong in the process. Thursday was a great run home from my sister's downtown with my backpack and Sunday Kim and I were back on the Rideau trails again (tough technically). This will be a easy week, as we get ready for the last race of the season, the Sydenham Fall Trail Run. Not sure how I'll do for the 8km with no speed work, but I am hoping to be 34'-35'.

After this weekend R&I will 5 months away. I am feeling more confident as the training will start to get a little more serious. The last time I trained for 5 months specifically for a single race was Boston '08 where I ran my Marathon BP of 3:13:42, I am really looking forward to see where I will be in March, and the training that will get me there.

Mon - Noon 30' Elliptical
Tue - AM 20' - Noon 1:00
Wed - AM 41' - PM 45'
Thu - PM - 2:00
Fri - Noon 30' Elliptical
Sat - AM 1:23
Sun - AM 2:56

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Summary Sep 28 - Oct 4

9/28/2009 - 10/4/2009: 79.0 km 7:11:00

Well after last week's not so stellar performance, (1st week with puppy Strider), and Sunday's bagged run (Kim and I were both physically exhausted), this week it was time to get back at it. I am still trying to figure out schedule with puppy, so no doubles yet, but I'll get there. I did manage to add two days of elliptical workouts on my non-run days.

However the highlight of the week was discovering two new trails. The first wasn't new, I ran there before about 18 months ago, but not been back. It runs from P21 - just a short drive from work - to the Mer Bleue Bog (peat moss bog). The trail is only 3.5km (so 7km loop), but it is a nice mix of everything.

The second trail Kim and I discovered on Sunday. Looking at the Greenbelt trail map I found quite the group of trails leading off the Trans Canada trail not too far from home. So Sunday we headed across down the Trans Canada trail, and hung a left just past Moodie Drive. After a couple of wrong turns we get on track and discover the most wonderful network of trails, and then we come across this sign.

Doh!!! So this is where the trail is. So this is killing me. We have discovered this wonderful trail system, almost out our backdoor (just a painful 4km on roads/paved pathways). Where to do long runs is no longer a question. We are really looking forward to next Sunday's run.

I did do most of Sunday's run with my backpack. Not loaded down, just water and a couple of small items, but it felt heavy enough. Still not comfortable with the water bottle access with it, so need to tweak that. Anyone have any idea what a "good" weight for the backpack might be 8,10, 15lbs?

Mon - Noon 40' Elliptical
Tue - AM 1:20
Wed - Noon 50'
Thu - Noon 1:13
Fri - Noon Elliptical
Sat - AM 1:07
Sun - AM 2:09 (trails with Backpack) - AM 32' (easy on pathway)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Shoes - ProGrid Razor

So I like shoes - who doesn't - and I am always on the lookout for that next pair - some MAY call it an obsession. I made the switch to LaSportiva trail shoes this summer, from my beloved Mizuno's and have been thrilled with them. Prepping for R&I, one of the factors I was not looking forward to was having to purchase a neoprene booties to go over my shoes when snowshoeing. The technology gods were listening. Walking into Bushtukah on Friday looking for some new socks I came across the new Saucony ProGrid Razor, the perfect combination of trail shoe and neoprene bootie, accented with a Vibram Sole.

The best description of them I could find was on Gear Junkie.

Marketed as a trail running shoe that works for snow or dirt, the Saucony ProGrid Razor has a waterproof eVent treatment and light neoprene gaiters. It is based on the company’s popular Xodus chassis, including a similar Vibram outsole and a cushy midsole. But the Razor adds an eVent waterproof/breathable membrane to keep you dry running through streams or puddles. It’s made for snowshoeing as well.

I ended up with a full size lager than normal (10.5). I wanted to make sure I had room for two pairs of socks if needed and a little toe wiggle for a hot pad if necessary. They are a neutral shoe, and I generally lean towards a mild stability, but on snowshoes with orthotics, I think they will be just fine. Tried them with the Dion's last night and it truly is a match made in heaven.

An added bonus, they were on sale from $135 to $108, plus we had a coupon for $25 off purchases of $100 or more. How could you not say no? Let it snow!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Puppy Slide Show

Just trying something new from Zenfolio

Slide Show - press Play

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekly Summary Sep 14 - Sep 20

9/14/2009 - 9/20/2009: 57.8 km 4:45:50

Meet Strider - my new running buddy. We brought him home from the breeder on Sunday. He is a 14 week old Vizsla - More pictures here - we just love him

Well it sure wasn't the highest week, but it was a great week. Recovered from pacing in Haliburton and sleeping in the car and then built (a little speed) and tapered for the Army Half. I had no expectations for the race - just hoping to run strong - 1:40 was a goal time, which I surpassed - running a 1:35:42, my 3rd fastest half.
1st 10km - 45:09
2nd 10km - 44:54 (slight -'ve split)
Last km in 4:23
and the last 350m (Garmin had it at 21.35 total) was a 3:48/km pace

I really have found those running drills paying off. Didn't feel as strong, but did feel that my stride was more efficient, which I think payed big in this race.

Kimberley crushed her NCM Half time - breaking the 1:43 barrier with a 1:42:58 - super job my love. Her race report.

Not too sure what will happen this week with Puppy - sleep will be a luxury, but all worth it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Haliburton Forest Pacers Report – 2009

Being asked to be a pacer for someone in a race is, as a runner, one of the highest compliments you can receive. It shows a respect for not only your ability to run the pace and terrain that the participant will be competing in, but also your ability to make tough decisions when required, and to both motivate and encourage. So when Derrick Spafford in a slightly “off handed” way asked if I would be interested in pacing him for the final leg of his 100 mile race in the Haliburton Forest, I did not take it lightly.

To get ready to pace Derrick, I had two major challenges: 1. Just coming back off the stress fracture in my left heel, I needed to get into shape to run 30-40km on the Haliburton trails; 2. To conquer my fear of trails in the dark. Getting back into shape was relatively easy - build slowly, listen to the body, and don’t get reinjured. The second required a little more “guts”. One of the reasons I never wanted to attempt running a 100 mile race (and there are quite a few) was that you, by nature of the beast, are required to run the trails in the dark. I don’t think that I am alone in the fear that that brings. So, on went the headlamp and the early mornings, starting with a easy 15’ run, building my confidence up to 2:00 the Monday before. I was ready.

Kim and I drove up to Haliburton on Saturday morning; there was no need for us to be there for the 6:00 am start as our job would be much later in the day. We got the car set up for sleeping in and headed to the Finish/50 Mile turn around and waited for Derrick to come though and head back out. It wasn’t long ‘til Derrick came through, looking strong but hot, or is that hot and strong based on his outfit? Sara drove in from CP#2 (check point) and picked us up, our day had begun. The later day/early evening flowed as we made our way from CP to CP unpacking and waiting – repacking and moving on. Sara was a bundle of nerves, happy to see Derrick come in and anxious every time he left. Based on his previous year and his performance so far, the plan was for me to join him at CP#6 on his final return at around 8:00pm. I was ready to roll, and at 7:59pm he arrived at the CP, reloaded and we headed off right on schedule.

Derrick had 4 goals for this race for himself, 3 of which I knew could be reached if we arrived before midnight, so leaving the CP we had 4 hours to cover 30km, time for me to get to work.

CP#6 - #5 - The first section was 5km long and the only stretch that I had not run before. I was surprised when we left CP#6 at how well Derrick was moving. We paced through the few hills and too many random logs fairly smoothly, arriving at CP#5 in good time.

CP#5 - #4 - After a quick pit stop at CP#5, we headed out for the longest section we’d face that night, 10km until #4. This section is the hardest. It has a couple of relentless climbs and some pretty technical areas. Derrick had a “bad spell” a couple of kms in, but recovered fairly quickly. I was impressed by how smooth he was running. He had asked that I lead on the up hills and he would lead on the down hills, but I instinctively knew that he would prefer to lead the majority of the time, as it the easiest for the experienced runner. So I let him take the lead through most of the trails, passing and trying to pull him when I felt he needed a little motivation. We passed quite a few other 100 milers heading out through this area, everyone seemed to be taking it all in and having fun with the beautiful night in the woods. Finally through that section, it was a welcome sight to see the dangling glow sticks and hear the aid station; we exited the woods and almost sprinted down to the CP.

CP#4 - #2 This was just a short 4km stretch, when done you have that awful loop around the lake to look forward to, but you are out of the physically tough section into the mental part. The coolest moment was when Derrick said it was here that he fell apart last year.. Just after he said it, he accelerated ahead as if to put a stamp on it -> it was not going to happen tonight!

CP#2 - #3 Up to this point I had been letting Derrick control the pace and only kick it up a bit when I felt he was losing focus. However, coming out of CP#2 I knew we had a good shot at the sub-18 and it was business time. I lead out of the CP and onto Normac, where once again Derrick had a “bad spell”, but after apologizing for the dinner conversation, he took the lead and we were off again. We exited Normac, climbed a long up hill, started running. From here it was us against the clock, and I was damned if I was going to let the clock win. A brief stop at CP#3 and we were off for the home stretch.

CP#3-CP#2-CP#1 Countdown. We had just over 5kms left and the clock was our enemy, 18 hours was doable but we needed to stay focused, time for me to get to work. I lead Derrick out of the CP and just ran; so long as I could see my shadow in his headlamp and hear his footsteps I knew he was fine. There was no conversation; there was no need. We both knew what had to be done. Derrick held strong to the invisible string, we ran the tangents on the corners, racing under the stars. Just before turning off the road to the small trail that lead to CP#2, Derrick said we have to enter the CP together, so I pulled aside and let him lead following him in. I told him to make it quick, and he did. He actually accelerated through the CP heading to the last 1.5km to the finish. I quickly took over the lead again as we followed another runner up that final climb – for a brief moment I thought it might have been the race leader, but it turned out to be Derrick’s friend Keith, having an amazing race too. Derrick struggled up the final climb and we ran stride for stride to the blinking lights ahead… the finish line, crossing in 17:52 – job done.

Words escape me as I try to describe what a thrill it was to watch such a dedicated ultra runner. The strength, focus, determination and pure athletic ability were inspiring to watch over the course of the day, and especially the final 4 hours that I got to spend with Derrick. It was an honor to be able to play a small part in his reaching 3 of his goals; beating his time from last year (18:42), breaking the 2006 course record (18:23), and finally, breaking 18 hours.

I have always said that I would never, ever run a 100 mile race. Now, I am not so sure.

Derrick report is posted on his site here

Kimberley's great pictures here

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Summary Sep 7 - Sep 13

9/7/2009 - 9/13/2009: 79.1 km 8:34:35

Overall a good week. Highlight, of course, was pacing Derrick Spafford for the last 30km of his amazing 100 mile race. We have the Army 1/2 this coming Sunday - I will race it but with no intentions other than having fun and supporting our dedicated Armed Forces

Mon - AM 2:03 (out at 4:30 am - Headlamp)
Tue - Noon Strength
Wed - Noon 32'
Thu - AM 45' - Noon Strength
Fri - PM 25'
Sat - PM 3:49 (Haliburton pacer)
Sun - PM 1:00

Gotta work on that pacer report now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekly Summary Aug 31 - Sep 6

8/31/2009 - 9/6/2009: 71.8 km 6:37:30

I am going to mark this as my final comeback week. I have been slowly building back since returning from Florida, and I think it about time to call the build back quits and start thinking about training for R&I.

Weekly mileage wasn't as high as last week, but I had planned a back-to-back 2:00 runs Sunday and Monday so ended a little light. The army 1/2 is coming up in a couple of weeks, so to help Kim get ready for it the weekends focus was hills on roads. Not that the 1/2 is a hilly course, but there are a couple of sneakers that will get you if you are not ready for them. Confidence with the headlamps on the trails is much better, even added a little speed at times when I could open the pace a little, but as my father always warned me - "Do not over drive your headlights" - in other words don't drive faster than what you can see with your lights.

Next few weeks will be intersting as far as training. I have 4 running events lined up - nothing that I would even class as a "B" race - just getting out for the fun of the moments and the little adrenaline rushes.

Event Schedule looks something like this:
Sept 12 - Haliburton (TBD)
Sept 20 - Army 1/2
Oct 3rd - Toad (25k with 12.5k c/d)
Oct 18th - Syndenham 8km

This week:
Mon - AM Strength and Core
Tue - AM 42' (headlamp trails) - Noon Strength - PM 1:08 Drills
Wed - Noon 1:00 (Birthday run - 49 and doin' fine)
Thu - AM 1:11 (headlamp trails) - Noon Strength
Fri - Noon Strength
Sat - AM - 43' ( Ran 4 loops of Heron Hump with Kim - Feeling stronger on the Hills)
Sun - AM 1:53 (Double loop of Corkstown. Coming back on the 2nd loop - gave Kim a 1'30" head start and then had to run her down. Fun time - tough chasing that little bunny.)

This week will be full on taper. Not that I am really racing, but I want the legs as fresh as possible - plus I really need a nice easy week. See ya in the forest.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekly Summary Aug 18 - Aug 30

8/24/2009 - 8/30/2009: 85 km 8:42:00

Good solid week. I was planning on only 8 hours this week, which would have been quite the jump from last week, but things happen and it ended up with a little higher total. Heel has been behaving, laser is doing it's work on my Achilles and I got a great massage Friday from Sarah at Montgomery Massage

Mon - AM Strength - Noon BioFlex

Tues - AM 28' - Noon Strength - PM 1:32 (Running Drills)

Wed - Noon - 1:00 (Descided I needed different shoes for easier trails. My Mizuno's are too soft and the Wildcats too stiff, sound like Goldie Locks, so picked up a pair of Crosslites on the way home - MEC is a dangerous place (; )

Thu - AM - 1:06 (Out at 4:45 to hit the trails while it is still dark. Feeling much more relaxed and confident out there, of course the new Myo XP helps significantly - thanks D.) - Noon Strength

Fri - Massage (see above)

Sat - 1:11 - Trails in the rain - Loved it. Ran 31' solo and then met Kimber for another 40' - The trails look so different in the rain - dark and beautiful - loved being out there, could have spent the day just running various loops.

Sun - 3:25 - Kimber and I met Eric at P7 in the Gatineaus and headed out/back on Trail #1 - not too technical, but some nice hills. We have missed running with Eric, good times - we just ran, talked, laughed and had fun in the woods. 1km before the end Eric and I left Kimber to run another extended loop, and Kimber went on the Finish the 25km - her longest ever. (way to go HB). So Eric lead me on a 9km loop trails 6-17-22-8 - super technical stuff. I use to bounce over this, but the legs aren't there just yet, still fun to run and I survived it. Eric is so ready for the 50 Miler at Haliburton. Ran the whole distance in the Crosslites - they were perfect, no issues at all.

Sunday was a good confidence boost for me for my pacing duties at Haliburton. This week will be more of the same - likely not at high as I plan to run a double 21km Sun/Mon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekly Summary Aug 17 - Aug 23

8/17/2009 - 8/23/2009: 71.5 km 6:39:00

Say hello to Stella, Heather and Brian's new little girl. She is a Boston Terrier / Beagle mix and the cutest little pup. Heather rescued her from the pet store on Friday and Kim and I got to be her first visitors. A bunch more pictures can be found on our website.

Week was productive, good increase in time, distance and effort with some aches and pains but nothing too serious. I started Bio-Flex laser therapy on my right Achilles to see if I can get some additional relieve. After Monday's treatment I could feel no real pain in the tendon, but after 3 days of running and another treatment it was quite tender, still I am being optimistic.

Plan for this week it to continue building time and distance, and hopefully adding in a couple of double days, with an easy 20' run. We hope to get up to the Gatineau park for our long run Sunday, it seems like a life time ago since we were there last.

Mon - AM Strength, Noon - Bio-Flex
Tues - Noon Strength, PM 1:23 (Drills)
Wed - Noon 1:00
Thu - AM 1:01 ( Headlamp on the trails), Noon Bio-Flex
Fri - AM - 1:00 Bike
Sat - PM - 1:00
Sun AM - 2:15

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly Summary Aug 10 - Aug 16

8/10/2009 - 8/16/2009: 54.4 km - 5:34

Feels good to be back. When my fracture happened a number of people thought I would be bummed and go crazy not being able to run, that did not happen. I needed the time off, as I had stated before, and I am finding myself mentally and physically ready to start training for Rock and Ice. I still have a ways to come back, and still treat each run carefully, but the confidence and the conditioning is starting to return.

It was a good week, building on last week, adding running skills and getting seriously back to the trails. It started with the final Beaverchase race of the season, and ended with a great, but hard 2 hour run in Frontenac park. I had no expectations for the Beaverchase race, so running the 6km in 26:20 was just fine with me; with the heat and lack of conditioning, it was a pretty good showing. Kim and I really enjoyed Frontenac Park, even though the drive was a little longer than heading to the Gatineaus. We hope to get back in the fall, staying overnight at the Stepping Stone Inn.

Here is a couple of shots of Kim working hard to keep ahead of the Deer Flies in the Park.

Mon - Noon weights and core
Tues - Noon weights and core, PM 53' (Beaverchase)
Wed - PM Running Skills 47' (3' barefoot)
Thu - AM Hills 49', Noon weights and core
Fri - Noon Arc Trainer 20' + shopping at the T&L warehouse sale
Sat - AM 1:00 Trails, 5' barefoot, 1:05 Bike
Sun - AM 2:00 Trails (Frontenac Park)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Running Drills

Reading Pete Magill's post the other morning got me to thinking about my own return from this stress fracture and that I am a perfect candidate who could benefit from doing running drills to rebuild my stride efficiency. Problem is that I have never done them before and wasn't too sure of what they were. Along come Google. What I discovered is that drills seem to be a cross between plyometrics, speed workouts, and dynamic stretching.

So armed with a list of drills from here, plus some in my head that I wanted to do, I headed to the track after work yesterday to give them a try. Plan was to execute a drill for 100m and then run/recover 300m to make it 1 lap per drill set. So following a 2km walk/run warm-up I got right into it.

Here is what I ended up doing

Sideways running - 1 set facing in, 1 set facing out
Sideways cross overs - 1 set facing in, 1 set facing out
Backwards Running - 2 sets
Hands on Head - 2 sets, but executed in a single lap, so only 100m recovery
Butt Kicks - 1 set
High Knee A - 1 set but only 50m
High Knee B - 1 set
Quick Feet - 1 set
Straight Legs - 1 set
Skip - 1 set
Finished with 3' barefoot on the grass around the track

I was really impressed by the workout. It was not easy, but not too difficult and you can make it harder or easier as you want by increasing the length of each skill. It felt like it was building strength and co-ordination with an added aerobic touch. I can not imagine there is anyone that would not benefit by adding skills to their workout arsenal.

I plan on continuing with these for the next few weeks as I build back, adding a few more skills to the list and extending the workouts. Kimber will be joining me next week, so I will be interested to get her opinion.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekly Summary Aug 3 - Aug 9

8/3/2009 - 8/9/2009: 49 km 4:57

We made it to the Southern most point :) (from our circumfrance of the island run)

So I can officially announce my return to running this week. I completed the 3 week schedule for return to running, pushed the distance some, but all cautiously heeding any little ache or niggle from my heel. The week started on the hot concrete sidewalks in Key West and ended back on the local trails, quite the mixed bag.

This week will again be a week of cautious running, we have the final race of the Beaverchase series on Tuesday evening, and with all luck will get to Frontenac Park on Saturday for a 25km outting.

Mon - 31' (Key West)
Tue - Sailing in Key West
Wed - 1:27 (Ran the circumfrance of Key West, 15km)
Thu - 46' (Key West in the rain)
Fri - Travel Home
Sat - 1:03 (Trillium Woods)
Sun - 1:10 (Trillium Woods)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Greetings from Key West

Just popping in to say hey! It is friggin' hot down here, hotter than Orlando or New Smyrna. Kim and I did get in a 9.7km Run/walk today, longest outing since my injury.

A few pics

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekly Summary July 13 - July 19

Cross training was the theme of this week, from Biking to ARC training to Walking to Rocking at the Greenday concert, it was actually a pretty tiring week. By Sunday the legs and body were too tired so Kimber and I just enjoyed coffee and the TDF.

On a positive note I have been given the green light to resume running S-L-O-W-L-Y. For the next 3 weeks pain will be my guide as I follow this program. This coming week I will be continuing with the cross training as I start to add running back. It's almost over.

Mon - Rest - Physio Laser
Tue - Bike 2:30 (64km), ARC Trainer 30'
Wed - Bike 2:17 (60km)
Thu - Rest - Physio Laser
Fri - Bike 2:22 (60km) - ARC Trainer 25' - Greenday 2:30 :)
Sat - Bike 1:20 (30km)
Sun - Rest - Kicking Horse Coffee and TDF

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Offically Registered

K-Rock Roster

Time to get serious now, well I was always serious, but now the $ is down. It will be an adventure.

Thanks Scott for getting all the fees lined up yesterday.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekly Summary July 6 - July 12

Theme for the week was Cross Training without aggravating the heel. For the most part Biking has been good for it, the legs and lungs. Did find a new piece of equipment at the gym, A Cybex Arc-Trainer. Quite impressed by the workout.

My next appointment with the Sport Doctor is Monday the 20th. Then I find out when I can start back running. At physio today the therapist reiterated that my ankle joint had been quite stiff and he feels that contributed to the stress fracture. I can buy that for now, the how this happened is still needling me.

Mon - Rest (Physio)
Tue - Noon Elliptical 46' (8.4km)
Wed - AM/PM Bike to/from work 60km
Thu - Bone Scans
Fri - AM/PM Bike to/from work 65km, Noon- Arc Trainer 25'
Sat - AM Bike downtown/home 50km
Sun - AM Long Ride 87km

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Calcaneal Stress Fracture

Bone scan completed and there is no question about it. Stress Fracture for sure. Night and Day between the two feet.

I'll wait to hear back from my Sports Doctor as to what I can and cannot do. Running is obviously out, hoping biking is still okay.

Let the recovery begin. Feels good to know what is wrong.

Likely Green Lakes won't happen, but I should be good for the Toad.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekly Summary June 29 - July 5

6/29/2009 - 7/5/2009: 3km 21:00 (186 days)

Seems crazy to post a single run, but I did it and there endoth the streak as previously posted. So the theme for this week was to hit the cross training so the chips and chocolate wouldn't catch up with me. Being on holidays for a couple of days, combined with physio appointments made getting to the gym difficult, so it was time to ride. Now I must say I have a new found respect for Triathletes, how they ride 90/180kms and then run 21.1/42.2 makes me scratch my sweaty head. Still training the body allows you to do some remarkable things.

I did have x-rays done and nothing showed up, as expected really. Tomorrow is bone scan time, so we'll see what that reveals. Good news is that if it comes back clean, doctor recommendation is to use pain as my guide. So I could be running (very short) by this weekend.

Mon - PM 21'
Tue - AM 15km Bike with Kimber running (I was her mule)
Wed - AM 46km Bike
Thu - off
Fri - AM 31.5km Bike, PM 31.5km Bike
Sat - AM 50km bike
Sun - AM 70 km bike

Getting there...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Streak Ends @ 186 Days

So after Monday's run I decided to end my running streak. 21' and only 3km and each step more painful than the last, it was time to stop running for a few days. Regrets? Actually none.

Here at the reasons why stopping the streak was the smart thing, or how I convinced myself to stop.

1) Reason for streaking, based on my previous post, was to learn to run on tired legs & to learn active recovery. At 20' per day I wasn't exactly running on tired legs and really had nothing to recovery from
2) The heel has to heal. 2 weeks and no improvement at all means I can't run through this injury as I have with others
3) I need a rest and I am too subborn to do it on my own. I have been going solid training and racing for almost 2 years, and not easy races, and this 48 year old body ain't getting any younger. Also, I have other injuries that need to heal also so the whole body physically and mentally will be better off.
4) Lots of time to train for R&I still, this way I go into the training ready
5) I have a new streaking goal to shoot for, my prior one was only 45 days.
6) 186 days is a long time, really.
7) Cross training is good for you. It feels great to be back on the bike for a while.
8) I may actually get the basement cleaned (who is kidding who)

So I have an appointment with a Sports Doctor on Tuesday and more laser physio Monday, that seems to help (only had 2 sessions). Till then - Pedal on...

Good luck to Sara and Derrick this weekend.... hope it stays cool....

Congrats to Heather and Brian on tying to knot this past weekend - we had a blast.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekly Summary June 22 - June 28

6/22/2009 - 6/28/2009: 25.9km 2:30:00 (185 days)

When things go from bad to worse - not a very good week at all. All runs were extremely difficult both with pace and effort trying to battle through this injury. I had my first laser treatment and how much it helps is anyones guess, because walking with any bend in my right foot seems to just make things worse. Who knows what the near future holds, but I will beat it

Mon - PM 21'
Tue - AM 23' - Noon Elliptical
Wed - AM Elliptical - PM 20'
Thu - AM 24' - Noon Elliptical
Fri - PM 20'
Sat - AM 20'
Sun - PM 22'

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekly Summary June 15 - June 21

6/15/2009 - 6/21/2009: 64.9km 5:58:16 (178 days)

Happy Summer

Well the week started off great, and had a disasterous end. After last weeks high I was back at it, feeling strong through Mon-Wed. At the end of my morning trail run Wednesday, I had a strange pain/stiffness in the bottom of my left heel. Hmmmm. Walking was difficult, but I figured a little stretching and ice and all would be good. Thursday, still hurting headed out for my run and it was worse. No flexibility in the ankle and pain every push off with the toe. I had a chiro appointment Thursday. and he thought it was my Peroneal Tendon, which almost made sense. As the last few days have unfolded I no longer think it is the Peroneal Tendon as both side of the heel hurts. I have no idea what is going on and walking is painful, running way worse.

Sunday, Father's Day, Graham and I ran the Do-It-For-Dad 5km race in Ottawa. It is an annual race raising funds for Prostate Cancer. This was Graham's first 5km race, where we ran the whole distance. It was hard for both of us, for different reasons, but we had a blast (27:51).
More pictures here

I have another appointment at noon today about my foot. We'll see what that brings. 20' at a time.

Mon - AM 55' (Beaverpond) - PM 20' FF's
Tue - AM 30' FF's - Noon 42' Tempo - PM 20' FF's
Wed - AM 1:30 (Trilliun Woods) (Heel Issue)
Thu - Noon - 32' (Pine Grove)
Fri - AM 20' (road ez)
Sat - AM 20' (road ez)
Sun - AM 28' (do it for Dad)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekly Summary June 8 - June 14

6/8/2009 - 6/14/2009: 111.8 km 10:30:33 (171 days)

Week Highlights

longest week of running in over a year, more than 10 hours and 110km...and feeling pretty good.
Squats on Monday, Barefoot Trails Monday
Tuesday Could barely walk and thought I had a stress fracture, don't run technical trails in FF's (yet)
Wednesday everything was better with the world
Thursday nice and relaxed
Friday nearly died
Saturday was fun
Sunday was fun - but nothing left.
Running and training, the constant emotional rollercoaster.

Mon - AM 55' (Beaverpond Trails) - PM 24' FF's (Beaverpond Trails - too tough)
Tue - AM 50' (Hills) - PM 11' Easy 28' Race (Beaverchase #2)
Wed - PM 50' Trillium Woods
Thu - AM 30' FF's - PM 30' FF's
Fri - PM 2:44 (Run from work) 16' FF's
Sat - AM 1:01 Trillium Woods Trails
Sun - AM 1:30 Trillium Woods Trail - PM 20' FF's

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Plan for Friday

So this Friday I get do to something I have been wanting to do since late last summer, run home from work. I started biking to work once or twice a week near the end of last year, and always thought it would make for an interesting run. So to allow for a more relaxed weekend, I figured this Friday would be the day.

Here is a link to the Motion Based up load from one of my bike trips home last year. Should be fun to run across the city.

I am looking forward to the re-fuelling when I get home.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekly Summary June 1 - June 7

6/1/2009 - 6/7/2009: 85.6 km 7:42:03 (164 days)

Well I thought this was suppose to be a step back week, but it sure didn't feel like it. Reason was there was no LONG run, but 3 MLR longs which combined with the intervals and tempo run made for a little tougher week that I imagined. I guess this is the advantage of using a training plan. The intervals in the FF's were great, but I sure felt them the next couple of days. Saturday was run along the Lachine Canal in Montreal with Kimber, Heather and Brian, and finished off with a token hangover run Sunday.

Mon - AM 51' (Ran on the track legs were dead from the 32 the day before) - Noon Strength - PM 25' FF's
Tues - Noon - 49' - FF's - 6x700m on Pine Grove Trail (Intervals around 2:52)
Wed - AM 1:15 - Road - Yuk! Noon Strength
Thu - AM 30' Tempo - PM 33' Barefeet
Fri - AM 1:25 - on grass field
Sat - PM 1:35 - Montreal
Sun - PM 20' - FF's on the Trails

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekly Summary May 25 - May 31

5/25/2009 - 5/31/2009: 93.0 km 8:26:35 (157 days)

Another solid week of training. 5th week in a row of increase time and mileage. Recovered from the Half marathon easily, had a single FF's run of 10km - on trails, and finished off with a tiring 32km. This coming week is a well earned step back.

Mon - 55' Road
Tue - AM 35' Tempo - PM 27' FF's
Wed - 51' Road
Thu - 52' FF's Trails
Fri - 22' FF's - sick
Sat - AM 1:23 Trails - PM 10' FF's
Sun - 2:52 Trans Canada Trail

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Akeelah and the Bee

So just go with me here for a second

Thursday evening after dinner I was cruising the TV and came across the Scripts National Spelling Bee Championship. I have always enjoyed watching these young kids, ever since I saw the movie Akeelah and the Bee. So of course this meant a re-watch of the movie. So where is this going and how does it relate to running and Rock and Ice? There is a scene where Dr Larabee (Laurence Fishburne) asks Akeelah (Keke Palmer) to read a poem on his wall. I immediately got chills, and wanted to post and share it. There is excellence in all of us, we just have to embrace it and not waste it or be ashamed of it, and that by embracing it we encourage and inspire others to do the same.

Our Deepest Fear
by Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness,
that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?
Actually who are we not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people
won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine as children do.
We were born to make manifest
the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And when we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekly Summary - May 18 - 24

5/18/2009 - 5/24/2009: 89.2 km 7:55:59 (150 days)

Of course the highlight to the week was Kimber's awesome performance at the NCM 1/2.

Her RR can be read here

My account from a pacer's perspective here

The week was good overall. Recover from 5-Peaks, Train for Green Lakes and Taper for NCM-Half. All accomplished. FF's runs increased with runs of 6km, and a 6.6km on trails.

Monday - AM 2:16 in the Gats - PM 20' FF's
Tuesday - PM 33' FF's
Wednesday - AM 55' Road - Noon - 26' FF's
Thursday - PM 23' FF
Friday - Noon 35' FF
Saturday - 24' Road
Sunday - AM - NCM-Half - 1:43:39 - PM - 24' FF's

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Summary - May 11 - 17

5/11/2009 — 5/17/2009: 84.5 km 7:29:34 (143 Days)

Well a surprisingly good week. Started back doing my hip and core work at the gym and added a few double days to the mix. FF's runs are becoming a regular event, and the body seems to be recovering well off the workouts. No hard workouts, just running smart and bringing the body back in line

Monday - am 50' road, Gym@lunch, pm 18' FF's
Tuesday - pm - 20' FF's - 23' (wu/cd Beaverchase) , 28:25 Beaverchase race (#1)
Wednesday - am - 30' FF's (5.5km Longest TD), Gym@lunch
Thursday - noon 50' Pine Grove Trails, pm 12' FF's
Friday - 32' road, Gym@lunch
Saturday - am 5-Peaks K-town 14' wu/cd, 51:46 Enduro race, pm 20' FF's
Sunday - am 1:20 Beaverpond/Morgan's Grant with Kimber, 20' FF's

This week will be taking it easy again prepping for the half on Sunday.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

5-Peaks Kingston

Sitting here enjoying a cup of Kicking Horse coffee, I would like to start by saying thanks to Derrick, Sara, 5-Peaks and all the volunteers, it was a great race.

This was my first trail race of the year and I was really looking forward to it. First to get back to the trails, and second to run a shorter faster paced race for a change. The race was held at J&J Cycling trails just north of Kingston, a perfect venue for the race.

The weather was calling for wet; rain was the forecast and I was hoping they were right, I was looking forward to playing in the mud. Just this week I had been starting to feel like I was recovering from my Fall/Winter/Spring, the body both physically and mentally was starting to come around.

Race day dawned overcast but dry, however as we headed toward Kingston the clouds opened up and it rained, hard. Arriving at J&J, everyone was huddled in the Big green barn keeping dry. The rain was off and on, but eventually let up long enough for the Kids race and the adults to get-a-going.

Plan for the race was to have fun, stay injury free (I have a date with Kimber for a little half-marathon next Sunday), but to push it a little too. Off the start, I let the fast kids and the over zealous lead us out as I found my legs. The first 500m was a fast and slippery downhill on grass/mud trails, slight up hill, downhill again, into the woods for a bit, out onto a jeep trail and then onto the 1st aid station at 2kms. By this time I had found my stride, passed a few people and settled into racing. Time so far 8:30, for 2km on trails, silly fast.

Here we split off from the Sport group, running another 200m before a sharp right and into the woods. We then climbed up the escarpment, a very slippery muddy climb that on a good day would have been runnable, but with the mud and spinning feet it was a short hard hike. Passed a few people on the climb and then settled in for the fun. Here the course quickly snaked back and forth, here there and everywhere, until around 5.8km where we slid back down the escarpment back to the jeep road to return and follow the sport course home. I hit the 6km marker at 30:30.

The remainder of the course here was similar to the section we had just run, lots of single track tight cornering. Achilles, ankles, hips and core was getting a good workout. With all the back and forth you could see who was ahead and who was behind. I was closing in on a couple of guys and had no one behind me. Once out of the woods back into the meadow, there was another 500m left which included the final climb up the original downhill. I passed one guy in the meadow and then pumped with all my might up the hill to the finish, very muddy and very happy.

Finishing results: 10km - 51:45, 9th looser overall and 1st looser in AG.

Got cleaned up thanks to a handy rain spout and stuck around for a very entertaining awards ceremony before saying our good-byes to Derrick and Sara and heading home to the Hot Tub.

I hope this becomes a regular race on the 5-peaks circuit. The course is fast and technical, but offers a great challenge and experience for all levels of participant.

Pictures on our Zenfolio site here

Thanks again.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekly Summary May 4 - May 10

5/4/2009 - 5/10/2009: 79.6 km 7:15:27 (136 Days)

Well last recovery week from Boston. Better, but not the best. Time and Mileage creeping back up, hips are still giving me grief so I have decided to go back to my old hip strength routines. No real speed in the legs, but I am fine with that. I am really taking to grass running both as a warm-up and cool-down, but also recovery. Managed over 30 minutes in the Vibrams yesterday, and I am noticing them helping with my achilles - all good

This week will be prepping for 5Peaks, which is also tapering for Ottawa 1/2 Marathon, and starting 16 week training for Green Lakes. A mix mash, so really it means be smart. If I wonder if I should do something the answer is no.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Next training cycle plan

Boston is over, recovery is underway and of course the eyes turn toward what is next. There are some short races planned (5-Peaks, Beaver Chase), but the next Big one is the Green Lakes Endurance run in Fayetteville, New York. (just the 50km).

So training for this will begin the week of May 11th. Friend Heather discovered, what we think, is a pretty good 50km training program, Old Mutual Om Die Dam . Good Hill and speed sessions, but not too aggressive, with some nice long, easy runs.

I have posted the plan in Goggle Docs, tweaked it a bit with trying to work in summer holidays (running in Florida for two weeks will be fun) , and created 2 tabs, 1 for time and 1 for distance. My plan for this cycle is to get off the distance band wagon and focus on time based training. When running trails I think this is more appropriate and it takes the pressure off trying to run harder just to make a certain distance. This is the base plan, there will be double days and FF/barefoot runs thrown in. This is just the "guide". Link to document/plan here

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly Summary April 27-May 3

4/27/2009 - 5/3/2009: 73.6km 6:34:46

Still recovering, but the legs are coming back. Started the week with a painful left hip and right hip flexor, and finished the week the same. I have a chiro appointment this pm so we'll see if anything is out of place.

On a positive note, did get in 4 FF or barefoot runs - increasing distance, a good solid 24km with Kimber on Sunday (she is looking real strong), and a couple of small doubles, so I can't really fret. Once I get this hip sorted out I'll be gold, till the next issue :)

I have added rowing (wind rower) at the gym a couple of times. I find it is a good total body workout and I am looking for something to shake things up.

Thanks for all the support and suggestions from Friday's whiny post, the grass runs on Friday and Saturday sure helped the legs.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Streak Rant

I'm tired. I have no bounce in my legs. I hurt. I am not happy.

Driving home from work last night I was done. Ready to put my feet up and relax for a couple of days, hide the running shoes and pretend that chips, chocolate, a little rum, and the couch were my favourite past time. I get up from my desk and it takes me a few minutes to get moving. My body is hating me. But no, I drag my butt to speed group and after a 2km warm-up, manage to crank out 9x400 at sub-5km pace, and aside from my hip/glute, which I am still healing, did okay. Then I was beat and tired again. This was almost the same as my Boston experience.

So what is going on? Best I can figure is that even though the body is stressed, when called upon it can perform, almost as well as when it is rested, when inactive it almost goes into hibernation mode to recover. My body is adapting, changing, and getting stronger. This is important heading into R&I, which is why I am doing this in the first place. But it is hard and it hurts and I don't like it.

I have to stop comparing myself to what other people do and what I did last year. I am my own experiment, and if there are things I can't do now, so be it. When I start on day 3 of the K-Rock next year it will all be worth it. There just better be chips, chocolate, a little rum and a couch at the finish.

So I will go for my run when I get home tonight, I will shuffle to the coffee machine and I will suck it up, but this doesn't mean I can't whine.

Have a Great weekend. Go Bruins

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekly Summary April 20-26

Total for the week
4/20/2009 — 4/26/2009: 73.4 km 6:27:53

Got to say pretty happy with the week. Started out with this little Marathon, and then managed to keep the streak alive and run after the race. I had two runs in my Vibram KSO's and one run on the trails. Legs are sore but coming back.

Looking forward to this week, where I hope to throw in a couple of doubles and then run Kimber's 24k run with her on Sunday.

And a HUGE congrats to Kimber who on Sunday ran the 10km at Run for Reach as "not-a-race" and ended up with a BP and AG win. RR here Gratz Love.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This being my second Boston I was looking forward to experiencing all those things I missed last year because I was walking around in that “first Boston” fog. I was not disappointed.


• Man that expo is busy
• You have to be on the buses at 6:00 am
• Everyone is as nervous as you are
• Athlete’s village is huge, crowded and busy
• Bring “stuff” with you to Hopkinton. Next time, thermos with coffee
• The walk to the corrals isn’t that far, but it is down hill. Starts warming up those quads
• Holy man those first 16 miles ARE downhill.
• The Wellesley girls are loud. All the spectators are loud.
• I know every one of the Newton Hills now
• Boston College is beautiful
• I love running down Boylston Street
• The Boston Jacket – the most beautiful in the world (okay I knew that)


Last year I had my “dream” Boston, so this year I did not expect to compete with my finishing time from last year. I had a couple of hard fall races, combined with the Goofy challenge and my legs were not in “A” race shape. Also, in getting prepared for the K-Rock 135km Ultra next year, I have run every day since Boxing Day, so no real rest either; Boston would be my 116th consecutive day. I entered this one with a goal/expectation of running a 3:25:21 (determined by taking my average long run pace and subtracting 20 seconds per km), in other words no real clue.


We arrived Saturday around noon, checked into the hotel and headed to a very crowded race expo. After a couple of hours we were done, and mostly just relaxed for the rest of the day. Sunday morning, Justine, Kim and I ran the inaugural 5k. It was a beautiful morning and great for the girls to race in Boston and cross the hallowed finish line of the Boston Marathon.
Monday morning I was up and out to the buses by 6:00 am. It was cold; the wind seemed to cut through me. Arrived at the Hopkinton, blew up my air mattress and settled down for a 2 hour wait. No matter what I did I could not warm up and kept 2nd guessing my race attire, but in the end stuck with the plan. Walk to the start was as nerve racking as always, I doubt that will ever get easier, but I timed it well so I wouldn’t be standing around too long.

The Race

So this was it. What did the legs have? My plan was simple, 4:52/km pace, run as even as possible. I didn’t really remember from last year how much downhill the course was for the first 16 miles, maybe because last year I was running on fresher legs, but this year I sure felt it. As it turned out it was a blessing; those tired legs. It stopped me from hammering the first part of the course. I was running a little faster than planned, but not overly and had to slow down a couple of times to keep it under control. Hitting the hills in Newton, I was tired, but not too bad so I stuck with my pace and cadence through the hills, not losing too much time or energy on the climbs. The 21 mile marker just after the Heartbreak crest is one of the most wonderful sights in running I believe. I was still on a little faster pace, tired but moving well. From here I just maintained, checking my averages and speeding up ever so slightly when I saw my pace slowing. My one wish for this Boston was to run hard down Boylston Street to the finish. Last year I got a cramp and jogged it in, this year I wanted to kick it. So I made the turn cautiously looking for Justine and Kim, found them, quickly posed and then raced for the finish. My last .5km was run at a 4:11km pace – perfect end. Just as I had always imagined it. Smile

The Numbers

Time: 3:22:36
1st Half: 1:40:13
2nd Half: 1:42:23
Pace 4:46/km


Looking back on the race, I am extremely pleased with my result. I paced the race perfectly and had nothing left at then end. I was not as fast as last year, but it was a tougher race for me. Hope to be back next year if the legs are willing. Boston is really getting under my skin.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boston in 6 Days

I am really looking forward to it. Being my 2nd Boston I know what to expect and am looking forward to it ALL. Last year I was more a "deer in headlights" and felt "I didn't belong". This year I feel more like a veteran, and am looking forward to those things I missed

Training has gone well, and I have kept the injuries under control, but strange thing is I am JUST starting to feel ready - guess that is a good thing - maybe peaking at just the right time.

Just the easy taper runs are left (everyday). Kimber, Justine and I are running the BAA 5km race/run on Sunday which should be fun.

Goal time is 3:25:21 (4:52/km) anything around that and I'll be happy. Weather is looking perfect. Cloudy and high of 11C. If the wind stays down it will be a great day.

Whether I run it again in 2010 will depend on how I feel after R&I. I'd like to go. I qualified at Disney and hope to again at Boston this year so I will register.

Go Bruins (that is for Derrick) - Sens are out so really, does it matter? ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Follow-up to What is the Rock and Ice

Just a little follow-up to my previous post about what is the Rock and Ice.

When Kimber and I were out for a run on Saturday, I had my backpack on weighted down with a few water bottles and canned goods, we were talking about R&I K-Rock Ultra and basically summarized it to the following;

1) Run a marathon, 3 days in a row
-add to that-
2) Run them in snow shoes
-add to that-
3) Run with a backpack
-add to that-
4) Run with a potential -40 windchill and white out conditions
-add to that-
5) Sleeping in tent on the snow
-add to that-
6) Doing this with some of the best people you could ever meet.

Why not do it?
Memories and friendships to last a life time.
A feeling of accomplishment that will last forever.

Registration is open I believe. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today I reached my 100th day

Okay, so this doesn't mean running with no clothes on!!! When talking about running and streaking what is meant is number of days of consecutive running.

The most popular association is the United Sates Running Streak Association, who defines a running streak as running at least one continuous mile within each calendar day under one's own body power. This group has some pretty hardcore members, those who have been running for 25, 30 and 40+ years.

I do not aspire to be quite as crazy as these people, my streaking has a slightly different rule and purpose.

Rule: Run a least once everyday. My minimum requirement is 15 minutes, but I have only ever done that once, all other runs have been 20 minutes or more.

Purpose: To learn to run on tired legs & to learn active recovery.

I believe for R&I, to get up on day 2 after having run a marathon on snow shoes the day before and head out to run another one, you have to be accustomed to pushing you legs and body when they are tired, really tired. Running every day is a key to developing this ability.

Also, to be able to run everyday, there are days that you are required to use as recovery days. These use to be days of rest, non running activities, but the theory behind active recovery is that low intensity running assists in blood circulation and reduces accumulated blood lactate speeding recovery. Worth a try, right? The trick is to use these low intensity days as easy recovery days and not to push the pace because they are short and easy. Oh well, I guess time will tell.

So day 100 is in the books, what is the next milestone? Day 101 of course. No day is guaranteed so I look at each day as a major accomplishment. The next real hard one will be on April 21st, the day after Boston.

One final note, a nod to Derrick S, who is in his 20th year. Truly stunning, but I know he treats everyday, one day at a time. Still 19+ years - amazing.

The summary log of my 100 runs can be found here

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Month of March is done

Training for Boston this year I knew, as with last year, that March is the crucial month. Last year I was primed and ready for it, this year not so much. Coming off the Disney Goofy Challenge (5:17:21), I knew I had to have a good, but short recovery heading toward Boston.

First long run in March was relatively short @ 24km, but 15km of that was a what I had hoped my MP of 4:30/km would be. Well that run HURT and the following weeks 33km was cut short to 30.5 as I hobbled home with a really sore piriformis. I did a lot of soul searching and realized there is no way I'd be in "race" shape for Boston this year, and opted to cut back the speed, get to the start line healthy.

Subsequent long runs for March have been 34.5,36, & 38.3. With each one I have felt stronger and fitter. The slower training was working, no speed in the legs, but for that I'll wait till race day.

So I have finished March with a great early morning run with Kimber, finishing off at 434km, just 16km shy of my highest month ever (last March). I do have some aches and pains to get under control in the next 20 days, but I feel confident for a good run/race in Boston this year.

I am looking forward to getting back to the trails after Boston, and switching to more time vs distance based training, still there is only one Boston.

Bring on April

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What is the Rock and Ice?

So what is the Rock and Ice Ultra ? To begin with it calls itself the other desert race, the 1st being The Marathon Des Sables a 6 day race across the Sahara Desert.

The Rock and Ice takes place not in the sand but in the snow, not it the heat of the desert, but the bitter cold of Yellowknife Canada. In the desert the temperatures are +40 Celsius, in Yellowknife -40 Celsius. Yellowknife, Canada has the honor of ranking first in Coldest Winter, Coldest Spring, Coldest Year-Round, Most Cold Days, Most Deep Snow Cover Days, Extreme Wind Chill, Most High Wind Chill Days, and Driest Winter Air. It is the perfect place for a race.

There are three race events; the one day 45km Cold Foot Classic, the 3 day 135km k-Rock Ultra, and finally the 6 day 225km Diamond ultra. In each of the race there are 4 divisions Male and Female and for each of those a Ski and a Foot/Snowshoe division.

For the Diamond Ultra you are required to pull all your supplies on a sled or pulk, for the Cold Foot and K-Rock you need to run or ski with a backpack to carry all your daily needs and emergency supplies and your nightly gear is transported to the caps for you.

I have decided to race the 3 day K-Rock as a happy medium between the 3 distances. I do not feel it will be an easy race to complete, actually quite the opposite, but I also feel it is something I am capable of completing and am looking forward to the challenges ahead in the next 51 weeks.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Beginning

The beginning of the "official" training starts after the Boston Marathon 2009.

Leading up to this I have been spending my time, aside from running, researching equipment, and planning a training strategy. Looking at this year results, in the Men's Foot and Snowshoe, 5 of the 8 competitors dropped out. This enforces the prepared boyscout in me and I know I have a lot to learn in the next 51 weeks, including this blogging thing.

I will be starting, as per Kimber's suggestion, putting together a master list that I will publish and then start whittling down as decisions are made.
Hope it is a fun journey

ETA - Here is the Gear List Link - a work in process document, but when finished something I hope I can share with current and future competitors. Comments on the list ALWAYS welcome