Thursday, August 13, 2009

Running Drills

Reading Pete Magill's post the other morning got me to thinking about my own return from this stress fracture and that I am a perfect candidate who could benefit from doing running drills to rebuild my stride efficiency. Problem is that I have never done them before and wasn't too sure of what they were. Along come Google. What I discovered is that drills seem to be a cross between plyometrics, speed workouts, and dynamic stretching.

So armed with a list of drills from here, plus some in my head that I wanted to do, I headed to the track after work yesterday to give them a try. Plan was to execute a drill for 100m and then run/recover 300m to make it 1 lap per drill set. So following a 2km walk/run warm-up I got right into it.

Here is what I ended up doing

Sideways running - 1 set facing in, 1 set facing out
Sideways cross overs - 1 set facing in, 1 set facing out
Backwards Running - 2 sets
Hands on Head - 2 sets, but executed in a single lap, so only 100m recovery
Butt Kicks - 1 set
High Knee A - 1 set but only 50m
High Knee B - 1 set
Quick Feet - 1 set
Straight Legs - 1 set
Skip - 1 set
Finished with 3' barefoot on the grass around the track

I was really impressed by the workout. It was not easy, but not too difficult and you can make it harder or easier as you want by increasing the length of each skill. It felt like it was building strength and co-ordination with an added aerobic touch. I can not imagine there is anyone that would not benefit by adding skills to their workout arsenal.

I plan on continuing with these for the next few weeks as I build back, adding a few more skills to the list and extending the workouts. Kimber will be joining me next week, so I will be interested to get her opinion.


Derrick said...

Drills are a great way to improve form. I started doing them more when I was training for mid distances track races and included them before every track workout or tempo run. It's funny, moving up and doing ultras now, I have not done them as much recently, but now is the time when it is probably more important to include them. I guess I've supplemented with more barefoot running and felt as though that has given me a similar benefit.

I've never included the sideways drills much, but can definitely see the benefit. All of the other drills are great though. I've always found that running, especially running strides at a quicker pace feels so much better after a set of drills.

How did your foot react to the drills? Any issues?

David said...

The sideways ones were fun when you turned back straight and tried to run, felt a little drunk/tipsy for a few seconds.

Foot was 100% for all the drills, including the 3' barefoot. I did do some small hill, hill repeats this morning and it is a little sore, but I knew it would be. Tomorrow is off running so it will be fine by Saturday.

Kimberley said...

I'm totally jazzed up about joining you for the drills next week! Sounds like fun with benefits. :) xox