Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Month of March is done

Training for Boston this year I knew, as with last year, that March is the crucial month. Last year I was primed and ready for it, this year not so much. Coming off the Disney Goofy Challenge (5:17:21), I knew I had to have a good, but short recovery heading toward Boston.

First long run in March was relatively short @ 24km, but 15km of that was a what I had hoped my MP of 4:30/km would be. Well that run HURT and the following weeks 33km was cut short to 30.5 as I hobbled home with a really sore piriformis. I did a lot of soul searching and realized there is no way I'd be in "race" shape for Boston this year, and opted to cut back the speed, get to the start line healthy.

Subsequent long runs for March have been 34.5,36, & 38.3. With each one I have felt stronger and fitter. The slower training was working, no speed in the legs, but for that I'll wait till race day.

So I have finished March with a great early morning run with Kimber, finishing off at 434km, just 16km shy of my highest month ever (last March). I do have some aches and pains to get under control in the next 20 days, but I feel confident for a good run/race in Boston this year.

I am looking forward to getting back to the trails after Boston, and switching to more time vs distance based training, still there is only one Boston.

Bring on April

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Kimberley said...

Congrats on a fantastic March love - you are getting stronger each day and I'm very excited for you for this year's Boston.
I totally loved running with you this morning while most people were snuggled comfy in their beds. Up and down hill sprints are fun.
You continue to inspire me to reach new goals.
Thank YOU!