Monday, August 23, 2010

Passed the Test and Ran some more.

Three weeks now to Haliburton and I am right where I need to be, I think! This past week I did have a scare with my achilles flaring up, which hasn't happened in almost 6 months. Still not sure what caused it, but with some timely Graston and Zanagen it seems to be under control.

This past weekend was a huge training weekend, probably the biggest I have ever put in. Saturday I participated in the Final test that is the IROQUOIA TRAIL TEST. Plan for this was to run it as a easy training run to focus on Hydration and Nutrition for Haliburton in a race environment. Even though my time doesn't reflect it, I truly ran well within myself up until maybe the last 4km where I decided to kick up the pace a bit. I finished feeling like I had so much left in the tank, and after the miserable end to Wakely got a real positive boost from the race. Kim did another amazing job at picture taking, including putting together quite the montage of my finish.

After ITT, Kim and I had to hustle it back to pick up Strider, so the drive was a little painful as the Glutes and TFL were wanting a little stretching and to not be sat on so much. Sunday morning I met up with Heather and Brian at the Cataraqui trail/Chaffey's locks road intersection. I ran with Brian for an out and back 32km. Beautiful trail and prefect for my tired legs. We ran the return 16km, 3min faster than the out, and ran it non-stop. For me this was a great survival run, where you pick that pace that you feel you can hold forever and keep going. I felt no worse at the end of the run that I did at the beginning, which is huge.

The week ended with 11:45 of training. Well over a hour longer than I have ever done. Feeling a little tired and sore today, but non the worse for wear everything considering. So now is the time to be really smart, lots of TLC and make sure not to screw anything up. 50 miles is less than 21 days away