Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Summary - May 11 - 17

5/11/2009 — 5/17/2009: 84.5 km 7:29:34 (143 Days)

Well a surprisingly good week. Started back doing my hip and core work at the gym and added a few double days to the mix. FF's runs are becoming a regular event, and the body seems to be recovering well off the workouts. No hard workouts, just running smart and bringing the body back in line

Monday - am 50' road, Gym@lunch, pm 18' FF's
Tuesday - pm - 20' FF's - 23' (wu/cd Beaverchase) , 28:25 Beaverchase race (#1)
Wednesday - am - 30' FF's (5.5km Longest TD), Gym@lunch
Thursday - noon 50' Pine Grove Trails, pm 12' FF's
Friday - 32' road, Gym@lunch
Saturday - am 5-Peaks K-town 14' wu/cd, 51:46 Enduro race, pm 20' FF's
Sunday - am 1:20 Beaverpond/Morgan's Grant with Kimber, 20' FF's

This week will be taking it easy again prepping for the half on Sunday.


Kimberley said...

Wow! That's a lotta distance hon. Nicely done. I'm so happy for you that you're starting to recover off the last 9+ months. :) It's wonderful to see you happy. xox I'm so anxious for the 1/2. Now, REST!

Derrick said...

Building nicely David. Isn't it neat how the more you run with FF's, the more you want to.

Better rest up now for this weekend. Have fun!