Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today I reached my 100th day

Okay, so this doesn't mean running with no clothes on!!! When talking about running and streaking what is meant is number of days of consecutive running.

The most popular association is the United Sates Running Streak Association, who defines a running streak as running at least one continuous mile within each calendar day under one's own body power. This group has some pretty hardcore members, those who have been running for 25, 30 and 40+ years.

I do not aspire to be quite as crazy as these people, my streaking has a slightly different rule and purpose.

Rule: Run a least once everyday. My minimum requirement is 15 minutes, but I have only ever done that once, all other runs have been 20 minutes or more.

Purpose: To learn to run on tired legs & to learn active recovery.

I believe for R&I, to get up on day 2 after having run a marathon on snow shoes the day before and head out to run another one, you have to be accustomed to pushing you legs and body when they are tired, really tired. Running every day is a key to developing this ability.

Also, to be able to run everyday, there are days that you are required to use as recovery days. These use to be days of rest, non running activities, but the theory behind active recovery is that low intensity running assists in blood circulation and reduces accumulated blood lactate speeding recovery. Worth a try, right? The trick is to use these low intensity days as easy recovery days and not to push the pace because they are short and easy. Oh well, I guess time will tell.

So day 100 is in the books, what is the next milestone? Day 101 of course. No day is guaranteed so I look at each day as a major accomplishment. The next real hard one will be on April 21st, the day after Boston.

One final note, a nod to Derrick S, who is in his 20th year. Truly stunning, but I know he treats everyday, one day at a time. Still 19+ years - amazing.

The summary log of my 100 runs can be found here


Kimberley said...

Congrats on reaching such a huge milestone David! Way to go sweets. I'm so proud of you. And, it's pretty kewl that I got to run on your 100th day with you.
Keep streaking babe 'cause you do it so well.

Derrick said...

Hey David,

Wow, 100 days already huh? That's great. You are a natural streaker and I'm sure you will learn alot about yourself along the way. Enjoy!

So....what has been the toughest run to get out for on your first 100 days?


David said...

Thanks Kimber and Derrick. Good question D.

The hardest one to get going - moving was after Disney Goofy - blistering 7:30/km shuffle :)

But I think the toughest and most satisfying was the day after the 30km run that I had to walk home at the end. In the morning walking was a challenge - running not a chance. My right piriformis was so tight and knotted. Thanks to a timely visit to my Chiro, the knott was relieved. After work I knew I had to get the run in. It was slow and painful, but things loosened up and after stretching that night, the next day I was off running again.
The need to run and keep the streak got me out and because of that forced me to resolve the problem and work through to get it solved.

I owe you for that, and Kimber for supporting me every day.

This is not something I could do alone

Hugs and Cheers

Derrick said... hearing stories of runs like this. Not because I'm a mean person, but just that I can relate to them with having a few of my own.

When you take the 'if' I'm going to run out of the equation, I think the 'when', 'where' and 'how much' becomes so much more fun and interesting.

The mental boost that you will have from a streak is also huge...which is the BIGGEST challenge at R&I.

David said...


and now time for a frozen Peanut Butter Cup, cause Sara says they are good. :) and she may be right....;)

Sara said...

"...and she may be right....;)"

hee hee. You want my thoughts on streaking now? ;)

Just joking. Sort of. Have fun with it, David, that's all I'll say.

The one who lives with a streaker and admires him for it immensely, but chooses not to go there herself.