Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Summary Oct 19 - Oct 25

10/19/2009 - 10/25/2009: 62.9 km 5:34:33

Mileage was still a little low, but recovery week from the Syndenham Fall Trail Race. Legs were a little tuckered in the early part of the week, but by Sunday's long run everything seemed back to normal.

I started reading Walking on Thin Ice, by David Hempleman-Adams (thanks Sara). Wow, seriously makes the 3 day K-Rock seem like a jog around the block. I will definitely keep thoughts of this in my head while I'm training and racing.

One thing that I need to get a handle on is sweat management. When I was researching it last spring the thoughts seemed to be to get the sweat to a outer surface where, if you have proper air circulation, the sweat will be evaporated. Hempleman-Adams worked under a different theory, trapping the sweat under insulating layers so it won't freeze and make you colder. Any thoughts?

Before Thursday's run I came up with an idea to make a condom for my Thermos water bottle from an old sock. I had been on the fence about using these bottles. Did my run with my pack, using Sara's idea of just stopping and unhitching the pack drinking and then continuing. Worked like a champ, so I picked up another bottle and on Sunday's run used them both, drank a litre of fluids in 2:00, no issues. Water Bottle issue solved and closed.

Body wise things are good. I have a on going issue with my right Piriformis. Flared up last year training for Goofy and comes and goes. Just something I have to keep on top of. Achilles have been getting better. I was playing around with my stride on Sunday's run. When I had my running assessment done, my major "flaw" was that even at a slow pace I cross my feet in front, and this she felt puts stress on my outer achilles. I figured it was about time to start working on this, with snowshoes you can't cross your feet without tripping. It was tough, but I'll keep at it.

The Gatineau Parkway is now closed for the season, can snow be that far behind? I hope not.

Finally I want to say and BIG thank you in advance to Kimber and the Kids. We had a couple of talks on the weekend about the next 5 months and how I am going to need everyones help to get to the start line. Training will be tough - the hardest I have ever taken on, and will need to rely heavily on them sometimes. They are all 100% behind me, so I know if I need something I just need to ask. Love you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekly Summary Oct 12 - Oct 18

10/12/2009 - 10/18/2009: 45.6 km 3:37:45

Well it was a low week, but that was good. The goal of this week was the Sydenham 8km race, so all paths led there.

First a HUGE thank you to Derrick, Sara, Brennan, Heather, Derrick's Parents, ALL the volunteers and God and Mother Nature for a perfect race. Everyone had a great time and everything ran like clock work - a well oiled machine for sure.

As I mentioned last week, my goal was to run between 34'-35'. This week I focused on shorter faster runs to get them out of the LSD mode. Near the end of the week I was feeling "speedier" and toed the line hoping to run 4:10/km. I finished in 33:25, just a touch over my goal pace, 15th overall and thanks to other placings came 2nd in my AG. Kim also won 2nd in her AG, so it was a good showing for the Kanata contingent.

On another note, flights for Yellowknife are booked thanks to AirMiles. We will arrive on the Thursday afternoon(18th) and will be there until the following Saturday.

So R&I is now a measly 5 months out - which may seem like a long time and it is, but there is a lot to do, so the mentality from now on that every day is a blessing and not to waste it. There is Training and Strengthening, Resting and Stretching, Gear Prepping and Practicing, Studying and getting Psyched.

Finally safe travels to Sara and Derrick heading out to Banff and the snow. Hope you enjoy the Rockies, they are breathtaking. Have a great time.

Our Favourite place - Moraine Lake

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekly Summary Oct 5 - Oct 11

10/5/2009 - 10/11/2009: 101 km 9:06:01

There is something about the "1" and "0" on a training log, whether it is a 100km or 10 hours, it feels like a major barrier has been breached. If felt good this week too break the 100km mark and do it feeling strong in the process. Thursday was a great run home from my sister's downtown with my backpack and Sunday Kim and I were back on the Rideau trails again (tough technically). This will be a easy week, as we get ready for the last race of the season, the Sydenham Fall Trail Run. Not sure how I'll do for the 8km with no speed work, but I am hoping to be 34'-35'.

After this weekend R&I will 5 months away. I am feeling more confident as the training will start to get a little more serious. The last time I trained for 5 months specifically for a single race was Boston '08 where I ran my Marathon BP of 3:13:42, I am really looking forward to see where I will be in March, and the training that will get me there.

Mon - Noon 30' Elliptical
Tue - AM 20' - Noon 1:00
Wed - AM 41' - PM 45'
Thu - PM - 2:00
Fri - Noon 30' Elliptical
Sat - AM 1:23
Sun - AM 2:56

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Summary Sep 28 - Oct 4

9/28/2009 - 10/4/2009: 79.0 km 7:11:00

Well after last week's not so stellar performance, (1st week with puppy Strider), and Sunday's bagged run (Kim and I were both physically exhausted), this week it was time to get back at it. I am still trying to figure out schedule with puppy, so no doubles yet, but I'll get there. I did manage to add two days of elliptical workouts on my non-run days.

However the highlight of the week was discovering two new trails. The first wasn't new, I ran there before about 18 months ago, but not been back. It runs from P21 - just a short drive from work - to the Mer Bleue Bog (peat moss bog). The trail is only 3.5km (so 7km loop), but it is a nice mix of everything.

The second trail Kim and I discovered on Sunday. Looking at the Greenbelt trail map I found quite the group of trails leading off the Trans Canada trail not too far from home. So Sunday we headed across down the Trans Canada trail, and hung a left just past Moodie Drive. After a couple of wrong turns we get on track and discover the most wonderful network of trails, and then we come across this sign.

Doh!!! So this is where the trail is. So this is killing me. We have discovered this wonderful trail system, almost out our backdoor (just a painful 4km on roads/paved pathways). Where to do long runs is no longer a question. We are really looking forward to next Sunday's run.

I did do most of Sunday's run with my backpack. Not loaded down, just water and a couple of small items, but it felt heavy enough. Still not comfortable with the water bottle access with it, so need to tweak that. Anyone have any idea what a "good" weight for the backpack might be 8,10, 15lbs?

Mon - Noon 40' Elliptical
Tue - AM 1:20
Wed - Noon 50'
Thu - Noon 1:13
Fri - Noon Elliptical
Sat - AM 1:07
Sun - AM 2:09 (trails with Backpack) - AM 32' (easy on pathway)