Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekly Summary June 8 - June 14

6/8/2009 - 6/14/2009: 111.8 km 10:30:33 (171 days)

Week Highlights

longest week of running in over a year, more than 10 hours and 110km...and feeling pretty good.
Squats on Monday, Barefoot Trails Monday
Tuesday Could barely walk and thought I had a stress fracture, don't run technical trails in FF's (yet)
Wednesday everything was better with the world
Thursday nice and relaxed
Friday nearly died
Saturday was fun
Sunday was fun - but nothing left.
Running and training, the constant emotional rollercoaster.

Mon - AM 55' (Beaverpond Trails) - PM 24' FF's (Beaverpond Trails - too tough)
Tue - AM 50' (Hills) - PM 11' Easy 28' Race (Beaverchase #2)
Wed - PM 50' Trillium Woods
Thu - AM 30' FF's - PM 30' FF's
Fri - PM 2:44 (Run from work) 16' FF's
Sat - AM 1:01 Trillium Woods Trails
Sun - AM 1:30 Trillium Woods Trail - PM 20' FF's


Kimberley said...

Huge week love! Congratulations on your first long run home from work. Well done 'cause it was SO SO hot. You never cease to amaze me. It was pretty kewl seeing that turtle laying eggs along Watts Creek trail. And I loved our Trillium Woods running on the weekend. Great week Hon. xoxox

Sara said...

Great week! Nice feeling getting over 10 hours.

'Trillium Woods' sounds so nice!

Derrick said...

Nice week David. Especially bouncing back after your Friday run.

_Eric_ said...

Great week of training, we need to go out soon!