Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Summary Oct 19 - Oct 25

10/19/2009 - 10/25/2009: 62.9 km 5:34:33

Mileage was still a little low, but recovery week from the Syndenham Fall Trail Race. Legs were a little tuckered in the early part of the week, but by Sunday's long run everything seemed back to normal.

I started reading Walking on Thin Ice, by David Hempleman-Adams (thanks Sara). Wow, seriously makes the 3 day K-Rock seem like a jog around the block. I will definitely keep thoughts of this in my head while I'm training and racing.

One thing that I need to get a handle on is sweat management. When I was researching it last spring the thoughts seemed to be to get the sweat to a outer surface where, if you have proper air circulation, the sweat will be evaporated. Hempleman-Adams worked under a different theory, trapping the sweat under insulating layers so it won't freeze and make you colder. Any thoughts?

Before Thursday's run I came up with an idea to make a condom for my Thermos water bottle from an old sock. I had been on the fence about using these bottles. Did my run with my pack, using Sara's idea of just stopping and unhitching the pack drinking and then continuing. Worked like a champ, so I picked up another bottle and on Sunday's run used them both, drank a litre of fluids in 2:00, no issues. Water Bottle issue solved and closed.

Body wise things are good. I have a on going issue with my right Piriformis. Flared up last year training for Goofy and comes and goes. Just something I have to keep on top of. Achilles have been getting better. I was playing around with my stride on Sunday's run. When I had my running assessment done, my major "flaw" was that even at a slow pace I cross my feet in front, and this she felt puts stress on my outer achilles. I figured it was about time to start working on this, with snowshoes you can't cross your feet without tripping. It was tough, but I'll keep at it.

The Gatineau Parkway is now closed for the season, can snow be that far behind? I hope not.

Finally I want to say and BIG thank you in advance to Kimber and the Kids. We had a couple of talks on the weekend about the next 5 months and how I am going to need everyones help to get to the start line. Training will be tough - the hardest I have ever taken on, and will need to rely heavily on them sometimes. They are all 100% behind me, so I know if I need something I just need to ask. Love you.


Kimberley said...

ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING for you love. Just say the word and I'm there... we're there. I love that you're happy and I know that you'll be amazing @ R&I. xoxoxox

EJ said...

You are such a LUCKY MAN to have such a supportive family. I look forward to following you on your R&I adventure. I really never thought that "sweat" could be such an interesting and important topic.

Derrick said...

Yes, sweat management is vital at Rock and Ice. I think it’s a little different situation with something like what Hempleman-Adams was doing and the amount of clothing that he had/needed. For R&I, the best option is multiple, loose fitting, half zip base layers (merino wool next to your skin works best), then of course a breathable nylon jacket (stay away from Goretex jackets as they don’t breath enough).

Bottles look good and should work well in the side pouches. Will be good to experiment with them on some really cold days to make sure the opening doesn’t freeze up. As long as they don’t leak, you may want to try them in your pack upside down so there is more water movement and the cap doesn’t freeze up.

Great to hear that everyone is on board with your adventure and play a role as part of Team Bohn. This will be a huge boost, both for training and as motivation during the rough patches in the race.

Derrick said...

...I should have stress more the importance of the 1/2 zips for ventilation purposes to prevent sweat. There will be sections where you will unzip multiple layers when running with a tailwind, then have to fully zip when running into a biting headwind.

David said...

Bottles upside down - interesting idea.

Thanks - I think the key is "Loose" to allow the air to circulate. I'll have to go through what I currently have.

I can see the back getting quite sweaty with the pack, but it should stay warm.

Come on snow!

David said...

Oh, and Kimmy - Are YOU Up ? ;)

Kimberley said...

Always UP for you baby. Tehehehe. Don't worry love, I'll be your beverage getter and slave after. Thanks EJ. You are very sweet.