Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Offically Registered

K-Rock Roster

Time to get serious now, well I was always serious, but now the $ is down. It will be an adventure.

Thanks Scott for getting all the fees lined up yesterday.


Sara said...

Yay, that's exciting!

(Have you asked to have a link to your blog on the roster too?)

Keep healing!!!!

David said...


Thanks for the reminder about the link. I'll ask Scott to update it.

Everyday - one day better. Walked a mile yesterday, pain free.... and jogged 50 feet :)

Derrick said...

Alright!!! ....and bib #1 too:)

Kimberley said...

Congrats Love! I'm really excited to share this adventure with you... and Heather and Brian and Sara and Derrick too. You will be awesome. I know it.

Aaron said...

David that is awesome!!!!!! I have an extra sled like Derricks if you want it!!! Gratis brother!


David said...

Thanks A, but I am sticking to the simpler 3 day. No pulking for me.

Kimberley said...

Waiting for an important update... that's me! :)