Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekly Summary May 25 - May 31

5/25/2009 - 5/31/2009: 93.0 km 8:26:35 (157 days)

Another solid week of training. 5th week in a row of increase time and mileage. Recovered from the Half marathon easily, had a single FF's run of 10km - on trails, and finished off with a tiring 32km. This coming week is a well earned step back.

Mon - 55' Road
Tue - AM 35' Tempo - PM 27' FF's
Wed - 51' Road
Thu - 52' FF's Trails
Fri - 22' FF's - sick
Sat - AM 1:23 Trails - PM 10' FF's
Sun - 2:52 Trans Canada Trail


Derrick said...

Nice week David. Enjoy your down week!

Isn't it so much fun getting in some longer FF runs. Just feels so great.

David said...

Just loving the longer FF's run for sure, might even say I long for them :0)
But one thing that worries me is that they seem so much easier and fun are they really training? Almost feel like I am cheating.

Kimberley said...

Longing for FF's and feel like cheating? Whoa big fella... you're making me nervous! :) I can't wait 'til I catch up with you on the FF's.
Awesome week Hon.

Kimberley said...

Hey - nice new picture! :)