Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekly Summary Aug 31 - Sep 6

8/31/2009 - 9/6/2009: 71.8 km 6:37:30

I am going to mark this as my final comeback week. I have been slowly building back since returning from Florida, and I think it about time to call the build back quits and start thinking about training for R&I.

Weekly mileage wasn't as high as last week, but I had planned a back-to-back 2:00 runs Sunday and Monday so ended a little light. The army 1/2 is coming up in a couple of weeks, so to help Kim get ready for it the weekends focus was hills on roads. Not that the 1/2 is a hilly course, but there are a couple of sneakers that will get you if you are not ready for them. Confidence with the headlamps on the trails is much better, even added a little speed at times when I could open the pace a little, but as my father always warned me - "Do not over drive your headlights" - in other words don't drive faster than what you can see with your lights.

Next few weeks will be intersting as far as training. I have 4 running events lined up - nothing that I would even class as a "B" race - just getting out for the fun of the moments and the little adrenaline rushes.

Event Schedule looks something like this:
Sept 12 - Haliburton (TBD)
Sept 20 - Army 1/2
Oct 3rd - Toad (25k with 12.5k c/d)
Oct 18th - Syndenham 8km

This week:
Mon - AM Strength and Core
Tue - AM 42' (headlamp trails) - Noon Strength - PM 1:08 Drills
Wed - Noon 1:00 (Birthday run - 49 and doin' fine)
Thu - AM 1:11 (headlamp trails) - Noon Strength
Fri - Noon Strength
Sat - AM - 43' ( Ran 4 loops of Heron Hump with Kim - Feeling stronger on the Hills)
Sun - AM 1:53 (Double loop of Corkstown. Coming back on the 2nd loop - gave Kim a 1'30" head start and then had to run her down. Fun time - tough chasing that little bunny.)

This week will be full on taper. Not that I am really racing, but I want the legs as fresh as possible - plus I really need a nice easy week. See ya in the forest.


Kimberley said...

Congrats on your final comeback week Honey! Way da go. Thanks for initiating me to the Heron Hump. I really appreciated the chance to train there. Loved yoga in the park under the sunshine too. :)
Hey - nice pic. Guess that's where we'll be sleeping next weekend. Enjoy the taper baby. xox

Derrick said...

Nice week indeed! Great job on getting back to this point healthy!

Glad you get to enjoy some taper madness this week too, though don't think you'll need to worry about 'over running the headlights' ;)

Looking forward to next weekend and thanks again!

Sara said...

Hope you had a good birthday! See you guys in a few days. :)

EJ said...

David and Kimberley,
You two are such good friends to go to Haliburton to help Derrick and Sara. This is the first time Derrick has had a pacer other then Sara so I am sure it means alot to him. I am also so glad that Kimberly is going to be there to give Sara a hand at Crewing. Have a great time.
Derrick sent me an idea for an URG with the heading "URG Does His Best Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". I wanted to get it up on the site yesterday but could not. If you could e-mail me at ultrarunningguy@gmail.com then I could sent it to you as it may give you an idea of what Derrick thinks may happen to him later in the evening during the race.