Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boston in 6 Days

I am really looking forward to it. Being my 2nd Boston I know what to expect and am looking forward to it ALL. Last year I was more a "deer in headlights" and felt "I didn't belong". This year I feel more like a veteran, and am looking forward to those things I missed

Training has gone well, and I have kept the injuries under control, but strange thing is I am JUST starting to feel ready - guess that is a good thing - maybe peaking at just the right time.

Just the easy taper runs are left (everyday). Kimber, Justine and I are running the BAA 5km race/run on Sunday which should be fun.

Goal time is 3:25:21 (4:52/km) anything around that and I'll be happy. Weather is looking perfect. Cloudy and high of 11C. If the wind stays down it will be a great day.

Whether I run it again in 2010 will depend on how I feel after R&I. I'd like to go. I qualified at Disney and hope to again at Boston this year so I will register.

Go Bruins (that is for Derrick) - Sens are out so really, does it matter? ;)


Kimberley said...

Go Dibbers Go! You will do so well again this year in Boston. I can't wait to see your smiling face go by while we cheer you on. You are my hero.
Loads of love

Derrick said...

You, my friend, are a very well informed hockey fan!!

You better be cheering for the Bruins, while in Boston. It's bad karma otherwise.

All the best. Sounds like you're ready to fly. It's the one big marathon that I still have the desire to maybe run someday. Just thinking about all of the running legends who have sweat on the course, and the history of the race, sends chills.


Sara said...

Have a great race and loads of fun in Boston! Hope that forecast holds, it sounds like a perfect marathon day!

And I have to add, in case she reads your blog - GO KARA!!!

Aaron Anderson said...


I found your blog through Derricks. Have a great run in Boston!

David said...

Thanks everyone. Boston is sure the experience. So much history and the city just comes alive with Marathon fever. It really is Disneyland for runners.

Derrick said...

Congrats David. Great race! Looks like you ran it very smart. Look forward to hearing the details.

Aaron Anderson said...

Great race David, I had you tracked on the BAA web site! Looking forward to your report!!!!