Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekly Summary Aug 3 - Aug 9

8/3/2009 - 8/9/2009: 49 km 4:57

We made it to the Southern most point :) (from our circumfrance of the island run)

So I can officially announce my return to running this week. I completed the 3 week schedule for return to running, pushed the distance some, but all cautiously heeding any little ache or niggle from my heel. The week started on the hot concrete sidewalks in Key West and ended back on the local trails, quite the mixed bag.

This week will again be a week of cautious running, we have the final race of the Beaverchase series on Tuesday evening, and with all luck will get to Frontenac Park on Saturday for a 25km outting.

Mon - 31' (Key West)
Tue - Sailing in Key West
Wed - 1:27 (Ran the circumfrance of Key West, 15km)
Thu - 46' (Key West in the rain)
Fri - Travel Home
Sat - 1:03 (Trillium Woods)
Sun - 1:10 (Trillium Woods)


Derrick said...

Welcome Back both senses!

Kimberley said...

SO happy that I had my running partner in Florida! Even though it was stinkin' hot, I loved running in Key West with you. I'm SO happy that you're back. xoxox

Sara said...

Welcome back! Must feel great.

Kimberley said...

Nice beach footprints sweetie! That looks a long way from Rock and Ice. xoxox