Thursday, December 10, 2009


Finally!! I know, be careful what you wish for. We had a glorious 20cm of snow yesterday so that meant it was time to bring out the Dions and the Razors. I threw my snowshoes in a small Mountain Hardware pack the Kim won at the Val Morin Ultimate XC, and ran to the trails this morning. Just took it easy being the first day on the shoes, so just an comfortable 25min run breaking trail most of the way. It was tough going at first, but as usual once you get the rhythm, stride and form it becomes less work and a lot more fun. The Razors were amazing. Not the greatest to run to and from the trails in, but with the slippery streets and sidewalks not too much would have been. Once locked into the Dions, they were a match made in heaven. Find them quite warm, dry (not a flake of snow got in the gator boot), and felt fairly light and flexible. The only complaint I have with them is they are a little tight across the top of the foot, but a little adjusting and it is not really a issue.
The temperatures are suppose to remain cold so the snow will be here for a while. Saturday's long run will the split with 1/2 on the shoes, and Kim and I will be taking Strider for his first snowshoe walk on Sunday.
Happy, Happy.


Kimberley said...

w00t w00t.... must have been a h00t h00t. :) First ss run of the season - gotta love that. Can't wait to try out my Razors with the Dions. Bring it on baby.
What a gorgeous picture honey. Love you tons.

Derrick said...

Let the fun begin! I'm a few days behind you, but it was so nice getting out on the snowshoes tonight.

Your first snowshoe with Strider should be interesting. One of our dogs always follows too close to us and gets a huge pileup on her head...though she's not the sharpest hound in the pack.

Great Festive photo indeed!