Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekly Summary July 13 - July 19

Cross training was the theme of this week, from Biking to ARC training to Walking to Rocking at the Greenday concert, it was actually a pretty tiring week. By Sunday the legs and body were too tired so Kimber and I just enjoyed coffee and the TDF.

On a positive note I have been given the green light to resume running S-L-O-W-L-Y. For the next 3 weeks pain will be my guide as I follow this program. This coming week I will be continuing with the cross training as I start to add running back. It's almost over.

Mon - Rest - Physio Laser
Tue - Bike 2:30 (64km), ARC Trainer 30'
Wed - Bike 2:17 (60km)
Thu - Rest - Physio Laser
Fri - Bike 2:22 (60km) - ARC Trainer 25' - Greenday 2:30 :)
Sat - Bike 1:20 (30km)
Sun - Rest - Kicking Horse Coffee and TDF


Derrick said...

Very impressive recuperative powers David. That's so great that you have the green light to add some running to your crosstraining. Will be good for the soul.

Kind of like Green Day is good for the soul. That would have been fun!

David said...

Derrick, Green Day was a blast - some good shots from Ottawa on this site http://www.greenday.com/site/picsnvids.php. There was the minor incident were I fell off my bike on the ride home, but that is another story :)

I am sure the Bio Flex has helped with the recuperation, I owe you for that one.

Kimberley said...

WooHoo Woo Hoo Hoo.... I'm doing the happy dance for my sweetie! I'm SO happy. Yippeee.
Yup, Greenday was a blast. I've never seen David take a tumble off his bike before - it was pretty impressive. And he didn't even get a scratch. I get whacked by my bike peddle and I get a big bruise... just not fair.
Love ya & congrats!

Robbie-T Runs. said...

giddy up Strider!!

JD said...

David, I just signed up for K-Rock as well! See you up there.