Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekly Summary Aug 17 - Aug 23

8/17/2009 - 8/23/2009: 71.5 km 6:39:00

Say hello to Stella, Heather and Brian's new little girl. She is a Boston Terrier / Beagle mix and the cutest little pup. Heather rescued her from the pet store on Friday and Kim and I got to be her first visitors. A bunch more pictures can be found on our website.

Week was productive, good increase in time, distance and effort with some aches and pains but nothing too serious. I started Bio-Flex laser therapy on my right Achilles to see if I can get some additional relieve. After Monday's treatment I could feel no real pain in the tendon, but after 3 days of running and another treatment it was quite tender, still I am being optimistic.

Plan for this week it to continue building time and distance, and hopefully adding in a couple of double days, with an easy 20' run. We hope to get up to the Gatineau park for our long run Sunday, it seems like a life time ago since we were there last.

Mon - AM Strength, Noon - Bio-Flex
Tues - Noon Strength, PM 1:23 (Drills)
Wed - Noon 1:00
Thu - AM 1:01 ( Headlamp on the trails), Noon Bio-Flex
Fri - AM - 1:00 Bike
Sat - PM - 1:00
Sun AM - 2:15


Kimberley said...

Congrats on a great week Hon! You sure looked sproingy yesterday. It's great to see the return of the bounce in your stride. :) I'm looking forward to the running drills again on Tuesday. That was really tough, but fun.
Stella is SO adorable - can't wait to see her again soon. Thanks for the date yesterday at the Ex too. Love ya. xoxox

Sara said...

Sproingy is good! (Great word, Kimberley!) Awesome to be heading full-steam back to where you want to be in your training!

Dog-obsessed that I am, I pored over every Stella pic. What a super cutie pupper she is, and very photogenic too!

Kimberley said...

Tehehe.... thanks Sara! Yes, hopefully we'll get to meet your doggie crew some time. :) OMG, you would adore Stella. She is SO, SO sweet. Absolutely beautiful colouring. We used to have a Beagle named Echo and Stella has the same big gorgeous eyes and floppy ears.

Derrick said...

I was waiting to see Sara's comments on the pup. Definitely has the Mali ears about her.

Congrats on another good week David. You continue to progress nicely. Very encouraging.

We definitely have to make a road trip to the Gat's sometime too.