Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekly Summary Sep 14 - Sep 20

9/14/2009 - 9/20/2009: 57.8 km 4:45:50

Meet Strider - my new running buddy. We brought him home from the breeder on Sunday. He is a 14 week old Vizsla - More pictures here - we just love him

Well it sure wasn't the highest week, but it was a great week. Recovered from pacing in Haliburton and sleeping in the car and then built (a little speed) and tapered for the Army Half. I had no expectations for the race - just hoping to run strong - 1:40 was a goal time, which I surpassed - running a 1:35:42, my 3rd fastest half.
1st 10km - 45:09
2nd 10km - 44:54 (slight -'ve split)
Last km in 4:23
and the last 350m (Garmin had it at 21.35 total) was a 3:48/km pace

I really have found those running drills paying off. Didn't feel as strong, but did feel that my stride was more efficient, which I think payed big in this race.

Kimberley crushed her NCM Half time - breaking the 1:43 barrier with a 1:42:58 - super job my love. Her race report.

Not too sure what will happen this week with Puppy - sleep will be a luxury, but all worth it.


Derrick said...

Welcome Strider! Kind of sounds funny saying that and referring to a dog now;)

Congrats David on a great race. Sounds like you ran it very smart and strong. Must feel really good to be back to that place.

Any...holy smokes Kimberley! Wow! Sub-1:43 is amazing. Looking forward to reading your report.

Carrie said...

Both of you went by us at Pretoria Bridge smokin' fast! Wow!

Kimberley said...

Congrats on your awesome come back David! It was great to see you lookin' so strong and so happy. What a perfect day Sunday was.

Thanks Derrick & Carrie! Loved it. Thanks for cheering Carrie. You guys gave me such a boost. :)

Sara said...

You guys are sooo awesome!!!! Great races, you must be thrilled! Very impressive. Congratulations and enjoy the recovery and satisfaction!

CUTE PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!

EJ said...

Wow it sounds like you both had great races. Thanks for the race reports and Congratulations on your unexpected PB Kim.