Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekly Summary Nov 2 - Nov 8

11/2/2009 — 11/8/2009: 78.6 km 7:15:10

A fun week of training that included a bit of everything. Tempo/ Hill repeats / Tire (kegger) pulling and FF run. Finished off the week with a 3:00 run in the Gatineau park trails with Eric, Sunday.

Sunday's run was tough - we did a lot of climbing - just what I wanted - but at then end my heel (where my stress fracture was) started to really bother me. I have had this once before and a couple of easy days and it will get better. Hope it is the same this time. Before the fracture I had no pre-warnings, so don't know if it is related or me just being paranoid - anyhow better safe than sorry.

We did have a light dusting of snow this past week, but the temperatures have warmed right back up so it will still be at least until December before the snow shoes come out.

To begin the Christmas season, everyone should get out and Elf Yourself

Have a great week.

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EJ said...

Can't wait to see you and yours(including Strider) Elfed.
Hi Kim: )