Friday, July 3, 2009

Streak Ends @ 186 Days

So after Monday's run I decided to end my running streak. 21' and only 3km and each step more painful than the last, it was time to stop running for a few days. Regrets? Actually none.

Here at the reasons why stopping the streak was the smart thing, or how I convinced myself to stop.

1) Reason for streaking, based on my previous post, was to learn to run on tired legs & to learn active recovery. At 20' per day I wasn't exactly running on tired legs and really had nothing to recovery from
2) The heel has to heal. 2 weeks and no improvement at all means I can't run through this injury as I have with others
3) I need a rest and I am too subborn to do it on my own. I have been going solid training and racing for almost 2 years, and not easy races, and this 48 year old body ain't getting any younger. Also, I have other injuries that need to heal also so the whole body physically and mentally will be better off.
4) Lots of time to train for R&I still, this way I go into the training ready
5) I have a new streaking goal to shoot for, my prior one was only 45 days.
6) 186 days is a long time, really.
7) Cross training is good for you. It feels great to be back on the bike for a while.
8) I may actually get the basement cleaned (who is kidding who)

So I have an appointment with a Sports Doctor on Tuesday and more laser physio Monday, that seems to help (only had 2 sessions). Till then - Pedal on...

Good luck to Sara and Derrick this weekend.... hope it stays cool....

Congrats to Heather and Brian on tying to knot this past weekend - we had a blast.



EJ said...

Hi David,
Sorry to hear about your heal problems. I am currently working my way back from a bad case of runners knee. It has been 8 weeks and I am just getting back to some real training and I find that I am not nearly as set back as I feared I would be. Infact my last run was very encouraging and I have a renewed enthusiasm for running. Enjoy your crosstraining, concentrate on your strength and core and I have full confidence that you will come back stronger then ever.

Sara said...

186 definitely IS a long time. Huge congrats on that, and for knowing when it makes more sense to pause it for a bit. Not easy to do I expect, and great to hear you're in a good headspace about it. Have fun with some cross training and come back to running refreshed, recharged and 100% healthy. As far as R&I, I think this could be better anyway for peaking at the right time and hitting the start line in your best shape and rarin' to go.
Take good care. Sara

Kimberley said...

Remeber what I said love:
Being injured for an athlete is such a difficult obstacle. The brain says GO and the body says NO. It's a constant struggle between the two, but ultimately it's both that need to function fully to perform. If only the brain could take a rest. :) It's the best thing to allow the body to heal.
You'll be back and you'll be stronger in the end. I miss running with you though. :(