Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 Plan Redeux

So I think I have finalize my plans for runs and races for 2010. I like to have a pretty solid schedule as it really helps with training plans, allowing for peaks and valleys, but it also lets us schedule holidays and finances.

So here we go.

Boston Marathon - If I only run one road marathon a year, this will be it. I love Boston; the course, the city, the people, the history, the vibe. I am really looking forward to this weekend heading back. My main goal is to re-qualify for 2011, and as I am turning 50 this year that means a 3:35:59. Should be quite doable, my real goal is 3:27:27 (4:55/km) but this is a Marathon and nothing is ever guaranteed.

Beaver Chase Series - This is small local race run once a month, Tuesday evenings, for May-Aug. It is a very low key event where people of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities show up. No pressure - just running fun. Good chance to work in a little tempo run and some fun socializing.

5-Peaks Kingston - Hey it is Derrick and Sara's race and part of the SHA running series, I have to participate. However this will not be a race effort race. I am hoping to be able to run the course once prior to the race and then run the race with Kim leading her for a nice tempo effort. I loved the race course last year, even in the mud. It is a great start of season race, not too technical with a lot of climbing, but gets the dust off your trail legs to get you ready for a good strong season.

Wakely Dam - Derrick pointed me to this race and as soon as I read about it I knew it was for me. I made in into the lottery just in time and I was fortunate to be picked. Wakely Dam is a 52.5km trail race, unique in that it is a point to point with no support. You are required to carry all you'll need, and there is no DNF'ing as there is no way off the course except the finish line. This race lines up great for me and I feel that I should be able to race this well. So stoked for it.

ITT - Anyone who does trail races in Ontario knows about ITT. The IROQUOIA TRAIL TEST is the one trail race that had brought so many people over to the Dark side known as Ultras. It's rocky, technical, ankle twisting, stream crossing course has taken it's toll on numerous novices who thought that trail running was just like running roads with a little tree cover. This will be the last year for ITT and therefore a must do for everyone. I was fortunate to be the first to register, love being #001, even if it is only a Bib.

HF50 - So no 100miler for this guy at Haliburton this year. I was previously caught up in the post Rock and Ice cancellation funk, and thought I HAD to do something big this year. I wizened up to the fact that there is no way I'd be able to compete/complete a 100 miler this September and still be in good enough shape to run NYC. So I have smartly changed the plan to run my first 50miler and enjoy all that is Haliburton. This will also be Kim's first forte in the Forest. oh me oh my ...

NYC Marathon - Kim's BIG show in the BIG City. So can't wait for this. I have been keen to run NYC for 4 years, loosing the lottery and finally getting in, and now being able to pace Kim to her first Marathon, it will be an amazing day.

So I thinks that covers off the year. For 2011, we will see, but I am really liking the idea of Alaska in February.

That's it till after Boston, and after that I hope to be back to blogging a little more frequently with at very least my weekly summary's.

Beantown Bound.