Friday, May 1, 2009

Streak Rant

I'm tired. I have no bounce in my legs. I hurt. I am not happy.

Driving home from work last night I was done. Ready to put my feet up and relax for a couple of days, hide the running shoes and pretend that chips, chocolate, a little rum, and the couch were my favourite past time. I get up from my desk and it takes me a few minutes to get moving. My body is hating me. But no, I drag my butt to speed group and after a 2km warm-up, manage to crank out 9x400 at sub-5km pace, and aside from my hip/glute, which I am still healing, did okay. Then I was beat and tired again. This was almost the same as my Boston experience.

So what is going on? Best I can figure is that even though the body is stressed, when called upon it can perform, almost as well as when it is rested, when inactive it almost goes into hibernation mode to recover. My body is adapting, changing, and getting stronger. This is important heading into R&I, which is why I am doing this in the first place. But it is hard and it hurts and I don't like it.

I have to stop comparing myself to what other people do and what I did last year. I am my own experiment, and if there are things I can't do now, so be it. When I start on day 3 of the K-Rock next year it will all be worth it. There just better be chips, chocolate, a little rum and a couch at the finish.

So I will go for my run when I get home tonight, I will shuffle to the coffee machine and I will suck it up, but this doesn't mean I can't whine.

Have a Great weekend. Go Bruins


Derrick said...

Always an adventure huh? The body is an amazing machine. It really is incredible how you can train yourself to run hard even when tired. Not always optimal and you want to make sure that you take lots of easy days in there as it sounds like you're still recovering from Boston.

My tip...very, very short and slow recovery jogs on grass where you have no idea how fast or how far you are going. Oh, and Guinness and pizza too.

Not sure if there will be Rum, chocolate and chips at the finish, but Bollocks Bistro and the world's best fish and chips (and beer) is a short stumble from the Matrix Village.

Derrick said...

...and yes, Go Bruins!!! Round two begins!

David said...

Yeah, it's an adventure. And, yes I am still recovering from Boston and will be for another 2 weeks at least likely. Thanks for the tip, I will comply - for tonights and tomorrows runs, I'll run for 20 minutes on the grass soccer field. Walk there, run, walk home.

There is a Guinness in the fridge and pizza is on the menu for tonight.

Kim will be at the finish line, so she'll be tasked with making sure I have my finishing booty ready, but I have a feeling we be at Bullocks a couple of times too.

Kimberley said...

You boyz are very entertaining indeed! Oh and David didn't mention that he plans to run my 24k training run on Sunday. I'll try to keep him in line though. And yes, I'll be there at the finish line and I'll ensure that I have everything that your heart desires. Well, everything that I can do publicly. :) I'll even massage your feet if you can stand them being touched. xoxox

Derrick said...

Not sure if you'd be up for a foot "Just watch the blisters on my....OUCH!!!.......FEET!"

David, as for Bollocks...Great to experience once, but even the locals don't usually go more than once a year I'm told. Might have something to do with the price. Kinda expensive. Excellent food, but repeat...kind of expense.

Ok....considering that you are sitting at picnic tables inside where people from around the world have written their names and messages on the tables, floors, walls and ceiling. They also pride themselves on grumpy is the question.....

How much do you think that two orders of fish and chips and 4 bottles of domestic beer cost (before tip)?? I'll give you a warmer or colder hint after your first guess:)

David said...

We need to discuss that Blister thing. I am curious how you can suffer with no blisters in training, but have chewed up feet after the first day. What was different and what can be done to minimize it. I hate blisters.

Price - Hmmmmm - can't remember the price you quoted sometime for 1 beer. But let's say $10/beer and $25/dish - so $90 before tip.

I'll have to search for yours and Sara's names - unless you are there with us :)

Derrick said...

I was ok with my feet, but you need to take into account the extra socks that you may need for the cold and might have to go up a size in shoes. It's a bit of a trade off. Sara's were beaten up pretty badly though. Going two merino wool socks and neoprene booties seems to be a good option though.

Very impressive first guess!!! I'd almost give it to you, but you need to order an extra beer.

Sara said...

Hi David,

I develeoped bad blisters on my heels which I could have mostly avoided except I made the mistake of wearing too thin a sock on the second day. I never really get heel blisters in training so I didn't take it serously enough and more or less winged it during the race and got careless. I was very lucky as it didn't end up causing me more much than inconvenience in the race and healing time after, but I was stupid and it could have really affected my race a lot more.

Toenail blisters I always get in long races, and I certainly got some bad ones by the end of R&I, but no big deal on those ones. One of them made us both gasp when I took my sock off. I'm pretty sure that is what Derrick was referring to above.

Enjoy your short run in the grass. Definitely a good run option to have in your streak toolbox!

David said...

I'll let you buy the extra beer.

Plan for the feet was almost what you wrote. I am going to try the Wildcats this summer and if all good, then get a pair of the Gore-Tex version in the fall, going a size up. The neoprene booties is giving me grief. We had a hard time finding a pair that would fit over large trail shoes last winter and when with a cheaper looser MEC version. They work well in the sort term, but will have to fix for next winter.

David said...

Thanks for the info Sara. Just re-enforces how friggin' careful you have to be with every little thing - this will be driving me crazy ;)

Sara said...

I'll just add that part of my luck was that Derrick happened to wrap my extra batteries with duct tape, so when I started really feeling the blister on the trail I was able to peel it off and use it with some tissue to make myself a bandaid. I changed to thicker socks at that point too (which I happily had with me), which also helped.

I meant to have duct tape in my pack exactly for that purpose, but the brain fog that I got from being tired made me careless.

Derrick said...

yes, tough finding booties that will fit over trail shoes, especially if your foot is above a size 9 (I'm lucky at 8.5).

David said...

Thanks - Duct Tape and Kleenex added to the Backpack Recommended Additions section of the check list.

Not just for Blisters, but two things that are very multi-functional.

Derrick said...

Wrap the duct tape around your lip balm. Fits perfectly and saves weight and space.

And yes, kleenex or TP for the trail is good.

Gawd!...I'm already getting excited about next year too!!

Kimberley said...

You guys rock! Can't wait to meet you 2 when we're in Kingston for 5 Peaks. :)

David said...

Run done.

20:00 - 3.25km on grass with shoes
11:45 - 2km on grass barefoot, no KSO's - just skin to grass - it was wonderful.

Pizza and beer now. Have a good weekend.

Derrick said...

Great job David! Isn't barefoot such a great feeling. Can't wait until our trail dries up.

Enjoy the pizza and beer...ours is coming out of the oven soon.

Kimerley...looking forward to meeting you guys too. Hope we get a chance to chat a bit with the craziness of organizing a race.

Brian said...

I just read all of this...and the nervous bug hit me again!!!!
Dammm you all!