Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekly Summary April 20-26

Total for the week
4/20/2009 — 4/26/2009: 73.4 km 6:27:53

Got to say pretty happy with the week. Started out with this little Marathon, and then managed to keep the streak alive and run after the race. I had two runs in my Vibram KSO's and one run on the trails. Legs are sore but coming back.

Looking forward to this week, where I hope to throw in a couple of doubles and then run Kimber's 24k run with her on Sunday.

And a HUGE congrats to Kimber who on Sunday ran the 10km at Run for Reach as "not-a-race" and ended up with a BP and AG win. RR here Gratz Love.


Kimberley said...

Well done after Boston my love! You are truly amazing to me. Your commitment and passion continues to inspire me. Thank you for all your wonderful coaching too as it obviously is doing something special for me. Gratz back at ya babe! Keep smiling 'cause I love it when you do. Nice picture. :)

Sara said...

Congratulations on your 10k, Kimberley! Great time!

David - Impressive post-marathon week!

_Eric_ said...

73k you need to pick it up! Do you want to go for a double run in the Gat's this week-end?

David said...

Dude, still recovering :p. We'll see how you are after NCM - What is this with you and Ray? I will try the 24k with Kim and see how that goes. I think the 1st run back in the Gats will be the 17-18 May.

_Eric_ said...

Yeah it was fun, we did 20k in 1:30ish.

I've been running alone, it was a nice change to got out with someone.

Can't wait to go out LSD in the Gats, let me know

David said...

I'll be posting my 50km training plan soon so you'll see my schedule - a few in the 42-45 range - Should be fun.

_Eric_ said...

I'm in!

Derrick said...

Nice week on post-marathon pipes! Hope your recovery is going well.

Good job Kim at Run for Reach!!

Noticed the new picture too...Not sure if the pack goes with the pavement though;) I need to change my photo too since it looks like winter is finally gone.

David said...

Legs are coming - still sore, so keeping it slow as I add the distance. Photo was at R4R - I was Kimber's pack mule for the race :)