Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekly Summary July 6 - July 12

Theme for the week was Cross Training without aggravating the heel. For the most part Biking has been good for it, the legs and lungs. Did find a new piece of equipment at the gym, A Cybex Arc-Trainer. Quite impressed by the workout.

My next appointment with the Sport Doctor is Monday the 20th. Then I find out when I can start back running. At physio today the therapist reiterated that my ankle joint had been quite stiff and he feels that contributed to the stress fracture. I can buy that for now, the how this happened is still needling me.

Mon - Rest (Physio)
Tue - Noon Elliptical 46' (8.4km)
Wed - AM/PM Bike to/from work 60km
Thu - Bone Scans
Fri - AM/PM Bike to/from work 65km, Noon- Arc Trainer 25'
Sat - AM Bike downtown/home 50km
Sun - AM Long Ride 87km


Kimberley said...

It was fun biking with you on Saturday and getting caught in the rain, hiding under the bridge from the lightning. :) xoxox

David said...

It was - too bad we were too wet to stop at *$ for fuel on the way back. Great fun, and yes I will get the toe cages on our MT bikes.