Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekly Summary June 1 - June 7

6/1/2009 - 6/7/2009: 85.6 km 7:42:03 (164 days)

Well I thought this was suppose to be a step back week, but it sure didn't feel like it. Reason was there was no LONG run, but 3 MLR longs which combined with the intervals and tempo run made for a little tougher week that I imagined. I guess this is the advantage of using a training plan. The intervals in the FF's were great, but I sure felt them the next couple of days. Saturday was run along the Lachine Canal in Montreal with Kimber, Heather and Brian, and finished off with a token hangover run Sunday.

Mon - AM 51' (Ran on the track legs were dead from the 32 the day before) - Noon Strength - PM 25' FF's
Tues - Noon - 49' - FF's - 6x700m on Pine Grove Trail (Intervals around 2:52)
Wed - AM 1:15 - Road - Yuk! Noon Strength
Thu - AM 30' Tempo - PM 33' Barefeet
Fri - AM 1:25 - on grass field
Sat - PM 1:35 - Montreal
Sun - PM 20' - FF's on the Trails


Kimberley said...

Way to get over the mental challenge of thinking step back and finding out NOT! That's tough hon and you did it. Done. Over. :)
Nice pic. Where's one of you. Thanks for the amazing time in Montreal. Loved it. xoxox

David said...

Good Times for sure...

Pictures from the weekend, run included, are posted here: :)

Derrick said...

Ah, the token 20 hangover run. It's been a while since one of those thankfully.

Great week!