Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekly Summary June 29 - July 5

6/29/2009 - 7/5/2009: 3km 21:00 (186 days)

Seems crazy to post a single run, but I did it and there endoth the streak as previously posted. So the theme for this week was to hit the cross training so the chips and chocolate wouldn't catch up with me. Being on holidays for a couple of days, combined with physio appointments made getting to the gym difficult, so it was time to ride. Now I must say I have a new found respect for Triathletes, how they ride 90/180kms and then run 21.1/42.2 makes me scratch my sweaty head. Still training the body allows you to do some remarkable things.

I did have x-rays done and nothing showed up, as expected really. Tomorrow is bone scan time, so we'll see what that reveals. Good news is that if it comes back clean, doctor recommendation is to use pain as my guide. So I could be running (very short) by this weekend.

Mon - PM 21'
Tue - AM 15km Bike with Kimber running (I was her mule)
Wed - AM 46km Bike
Thu - off
Fri - AM 31.5km Bike, PM 31.5km Bike
Sat - AM 50km bike
Sun - AM 70 km bike

Getting there...


Derrick said...

Good luck with the scan!

Kimberley said...

You are the best mule EVER! :) Wed and Sat rides with Kimber too.... loved it. Can't wait to ride with you tomorrow.
Good luck today with the bone scan my love. xoxox

Sara said...

Let us know when you get the results. Toes crossed for you (that seems more fitting than fingers, but I'll cross them too).