Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly Summary April 27-May 3

4/27/2009 - 5/3/2009: 73.6km 6:34:46

Still recovering, but the legs are coming back. Started the week with a painful left hip and right hip flexor, and finished the week the same. I have a chiro appointment this pm so we'll see if anything is out of place.

On a positive note, did get in 4 FF or barefoot runs - increasing distance, a good solid 24km with Kimber on Sunday (she is looking real strong), and a couple of small doubles, so I can't really fret. Once I get this hip sorted out I'll be gold, till the next issue :)

I have added rowing (wind rower) at the gym a couple of times. I find it is a good total body workout and I am looking for something to shake things up.

Thanks for all the support and suggestions from Friday's whiny post, the grass runs on Friday and Saturday sure helped the legs.


Derrick said...

Must be all that road stuff from Boston causing your hip issues. Hope your chiro can improve it for you.

Good stuff Kimberley!

Aaron Anderson said...

Hope all starts to come arounf David. I am in s/w ontario on course so hope to get some trails in around London

Kimberley said...

Yup, just over 2 weeks ago you ran Boston my love! It's just my opinion, but I think you're recovering very, very well. Sunday's run was awesome. Ya, it may have been tough at the end, but it was still 24k (more for you). I have total confidence that you'll be in fine shape for our little run at the NCM 1/2... :) I can't wait to run it with you.
Thanks Derrick! We're really looking forward to seeing you in Kingston soon. Maybe time permitting, we could all have lunch together while we're there.
Keep on truckin' David. You're doing great my love. xoxox

_Eric_ said...

Hi guys! want to go for a long run this upcoming week-end?