Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2010 Plan

Well pick yourself up and dust yourself off, no time to be sulky.

I am still feeling very hurt about the R&I cancellation, but things happen for a reason, so I am not going to dwell on it. Gear will be stowed and time has come to refocus.

I have decided to switch gears and try and complete my 2011 goal in 2010 - running and finishing the Haliburton Forest 100 mile Ultra.

I have put together a list of races for 2010 that I hope combined with the training will get me to the finish line in Haliburton.

April 19th - Boston Marathon

I find myself as scared and excited about this as I was with R&I, and also feel that this will help build a stronger base heading into R&I in 2011

One final note I'd like to add. This is not something I will be able to do myself. I have the love and support of the family which is critical, and have also secured coaching from Derrick Spafford, who has agreed to work with me through all the training and racing. Thank you all.


Sara said...

That's an iincredible lineup. Lots to be excited about, that's for sure. Still disappointing about R&I, but you are dusting yourself off in fine form. Not easy to do, very inspiring.

JD said...

Good looking plan. R&I has big shoes to fill.

I'll be on the start line in Haliburton for the 100 miler as well.

Kimberley said...

It will be FUN no matter what we do love! AND you will do great. You definitely inspire me. xoxox