Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekly Summary Aug 18 - Aug 30

8/24/2009 - 8/30/2009: 85 km 8:42:00

Good solid week. I was planning on only 8 hours this week, which would have been quite the jump from last week, but things happen and it ended up with a little higher total. Heel has been behaving, laser is doing it's work on my Achilles and I got a great massage Friday from Sarah at Montgomery Massage

Mon - AM Strength - Noon BioFlex

Tues - AM 28' - Noon Strength - PM 1:32 (Running Drills)

Wed - Noon - 1:00 (Descided I needed different shoes for easier trails. My Mizuno's are too soft and the Wildcats too stiff, sound like Goldie Locks, so picked up a pair of Crosslites on the way home - MEC is a dangerous place (; )

Thu - AM - 1:06 (Out at 4:45 to hit the trails while it is still dark. Feeling much more relaxed and confident out there, of course the new Myo XP helps significantly - thanks D.) - Noon Strength

Fri - Massage (see above)

Sat - 1:11 - Trails in the rain - Loved it. Ran 31' solo and then met Kimber for another 40' - The trails look so different in the rain - dark and beautiful - loved being out there, could have spent the day just running various loops.

Sun - 3:25 - Kimber and I met Eric at P7 in the Gatineaus and headed out/back on Trail #1 - not too technical, but some nice hills. We have missed running with Eric, good times - we just ran, talked, laughed and had fun in the woods. 1km before the end Eric and I left Kimber to run another extended loop, and Kimber went on the Finish the 25km - her longest ever. (way to go HB). So Eric lead me on a 9km loop trails 6-17-22-8 - super technical stuff. I use to bounce over this, but the legs aren't there just yet, still fun to run and I survived it. Eric is so ready for the 50 Miler at Haliburton. Ran the whole distance in the Crosslites - they were perfect, no issues at all.

Sunday was a good confidence boost for me for my pacing duties at Haliburton. This week will be more of the same - likely not at high as I plan to run a double 21km Sun/Mon.


Kimberley said...

Awesome week Hunny Bun! You are being so smart coming back after your stress fracture. It's great to see you listening to your body and adjusting accordingly. You're well on the road to rebuilding and building up to R&I. You'll be an awesome pacer for Derrick at Hally. Congrats on your longest run since Boston. :) It was such a blast running in the Gats yesterday in the mud and the rain (thanks for the piggyback through the BIG mud puddle). Loved it. :)

JD said...

Love the Crosslites. They are my favorite shoes. Only problem was that there are no exposed laces to hook my gaiters so I had to do surgery on them before my first race.

Derrick said...

Great week David. Sounds like you had an awesome long run on Sunday. You must be pleased to be back to that place!

And, yes Goldie Locks...the Crosslites are 'just right' ! ;)

JD...I don't wear gaitors, but I heard someone else used a safety pin on their Crosslites for them. Although, shoe surgery is always fun!

Aaron said...


Good to see you are getting the milage back up! Derrick is trying to pursuade me to do the R and I.....hmmmmmm

David said...


Thanks, feeling better everyday - just a little more sore and tired (;

R&I Eh!?!?!? - Derrick can be pretty persuasive, I should know. It is a major commitment both time and money, but I believe the experience and the reward is well worth it. If you are going to do it you have to commit soon, a lot of training for this one.

Sara said...

Great week, David! Glad you like the Crosslites.

Congrats on your 25k Kimberley! Getting excited for NYCM?