Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly Summary Aug 10 - Aug 16

8/10/2009 - 8/16/2009: 54.4 km - 5:34

Feels good to be back. When my fracture happened a number of people thought I would be bummed and go crazy not being able to run, that did not happen. I needed the time off, as I had stated before, and I am finding myself mentally and physically ready to start training for Rock and Ice. I still have a ways to come back, and still treat each run carefully, but the confidence and the conditioning is starting to return.

It was a good week, building on last week, adding running skills and getting seriously back to the trails. It started with the final Beaverchase race of the season, and ended with a great, but hard 2 hour run in Frontenac park. I had no expectations for the Beaverchase race, so running the 6km in 26:20 was just fine with me; with the heat and lack of conditioning, it was a pretty good showing. Kim and I really enjoyed Frontenac Park, even though the drive was a little longer than heading to the Gatineaus. We hope to get back in the fall, staying overnight at the Stepping Stone Inn.

Here is a couple of shots of Kim working hard to keep ahead of the Deer Flies in the Park.

Mon - Noon weights and core
Tues - Noon weights and core, PM 53' (Beaverchase)
Wed - PM Running Skills 47' (3' barefoot)
Thu - AM Hills 49', Noon weights and core
Fri - Noon Arc Trainer 20' + shopping at the T&L warehouse sale
Sat - AM 1:00 Trails, 5' barefoot, 1:05 Bike
Sun - AM 2:00 Trails (Frontenac Park)


Kimberley said...

It's SO awesome to hear the positive spirit in your post David! You truly inspire me. It was an awesome weekend.
Great to meet up with Sara & Derrick yesterday too. Thanks again for lunch S&D!
Tehehe - nice pics Dibbers.
Aaaahhhh..... Stepping Stone. Love that place. xoxox

David said...

hehe - Garden Room booked for October 24th - Should be a great weekend of running and relaxing.

Derrick said...

Great photos guys!

It was nice getting together for lunch. Sorry Hillside didn't have any fancy coffees for you. We tend to just go with their Paddler's Perk dark roast blend.

Derrick said...

btw.....Frontenac has deerflies??????