Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Next training cycle plan

Boston is over, recovery is underway and of course the eyes turn toward what is next. There are some short races planned (5-Peaks, Beaver Chase), but the next Big one is the Green Lakes Endurance run in Fayetteville, New York. (just the 50km).

So training for this will begin the week of May 11th. Friend Heather discovered, what we think, is a pretty good 50km training program, Old Mutual Om Die Dam . Good Hill and speed sessions, but not too aggressive, with some nice long, easy runs.

I have posted the plan in Goggle Docs, tweaked it a bit with trying to work in summer holidays (running in Florida for two weeks will be fun) , and created 2 tabs, 1 for time and 1 for distance. My plan for this cycle is to get off the distance band wagon and focus on time based training. When running trails I think this is more appropriate and it takes the pressure off trying to run harder just to make a certain distance. This is the base plan, there will be double days and FF/barefoot runs thrown in. This is just the "guide". Link to document/plan here


Kimberley said...

Good plan love. I'll try to do my best to keep you honest with sticking to the 'time' focus. The Green Lakes roadtrip will be a blast with B&H! :)

Sara said...

Looks like a nice race, and a good plan to use as your guide. Is it a lot different than what you did before Haliburton last year?

David said...

Yes the plan is way different than last years, because last year I didn't really have one :)

Last year I ran the Val Morin UltimateXC trail marathon at the end of June and ITT in August, so it was a recover and get in as much training as possible summer. I ran ITT really well, but I was not quite on my "A" game for Haliburton. After racing Nov / Jan / Apr since Haliburton, this summer will be one of solid training with a few short tuneup races. Plan is Green Lakes and The Toad, month recovery and then get serious for R&I.

This training plan has much longer "times" than I am use to, add to that the doubles and I should have a strong base for November. R&I is the goal, these are stepping stones along the way.

Anonymous said...

Plan looks similar to some Higdon plans, e.g. the "Marathon advanced II" plan with longer distances/times. Some of the text also matches text from Higdon. I like the Higdon plans and found they made sense for me in half marathon training.

No rest day on Friday?


David said...


I used Higdon too for my first 2 half's, and they did me well.

Can't run every day AND rest on Friday :). Let's just call Friday's, active recovery days. Likely slow grass running.

Derrick said...

Looks good David. Yes, the 'Active Recovery Days' will be well earned and enjoyed.

Aaron Anderson said...


Program looks great and you should be ready at the end of that! Derrick has graciously accepted me as a client and will coach me to my first 50