Wednesday, December 7, 2011

JFK 50 2011 After Thoughts

Just like Sulphur, there are things that I didn't put in my report, cause I either didn't think of them at the time or it would have made it too long, but still I want to write down so I remember.
  • Nutrition worked well as I said, and looking back was pretty light for the day, but it worked with virtually no stomach issues. 4 x EFS Gel Flasks, 2 x Gatorade Prime with serving of Chia , 1 of those 5 hour energy shots, 3 Gu Gels, 1 Jam Sandwich, 5 or 6 x S! Caps and a couple of Tylenol's to help dull the tired legs. So maybe 3,000 calories, if that, but it worked.
  • During a section of the AT I had a brief chat with a guy running his 14th JFK - that is 700 miles - I told him I figured he knew every rock on the trail by now.
  • The last km running into Antietam Aqueduct aid station (27.1 miles) I was running with a girl who was just flying, she had crew on cell phones calling ahead with what she needed. We were running a 4:45/km coming into the aid station. It felt great to open up the pace at that point in the race.
  • Lost the toe nail from my right big toe. First time that has happened so fast. After the race it was the only thing that hurt.
  • Last year at this time I was mentally done training, this year I am pretty excited looking towards the first half of 2012.
  • Still in awe of what I did. I know there are 70 people who ran it faster, but still it's pretty cool, and as someone mentioned, largest Ultra in North America. Not Bad!
  • Started Wall Sits today (see Sulphur)
  • Next up is the Marathon, as part of the Yukon Arctic Ultra where Derrick is running the 100 Mile. (more on that in my next post)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

URG @ JFK50-59

What can I say but Thank You to EJ@ultrarunningguy for my "victory portrait". What you say and what you do make us ALL feel very special. Hugs from everyone.