Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Weekly Summary Dec 14 - Dec 20

12/14/2009 — 12/20/2009: 60.9 km 6:28:30

Late Update :)

So it wasn't a high week as far as volume, but was with strength and that is the focus these days. Managed to get in 3 good snowshoe outings. The first was a 45min run in fresh powder, breaking the trail the whole way - talk about slow, averaged 9:00/km. Next was a 20min Tempo run - picked a more packed down trail for this, fun time kicking it up in the shoes. Finally Sunday's Long run (I think I am still recovering from this) ended up being on the trails close to home due to time constraints. Did 17km in the shoes is about 2:10 - and that was all I had. Everything was sore and tired. Who's bright idea was it to do 135km race?

Still managing to keep up the Vibram FF runs, even with the snow. Coldest so far, -19 for 15mins. Feet were a little chilled at the end. There is an interesting comment on the Steger Mukluk site that I think is relevant to running in Vibram's.

When your feet roll forward in a soft-soled boot, your nerve endings are stimulated to supply more warmth-giving blood to that area. It is the same as when your hands get cold, you move them to get more blood supply.

So even though there is no real insulation in the Vibram's, running in them stimulates the sole of your feet helping blood flow and keeping them warm. So don't be afraid, go run barefoot (almost) in the snow.

So it is the Christmas week - I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Enjoy the company of your loved ones, both Human and Animal, and let's get in the starting blocks to get ready for a great 2010.

Cheers my friends


Kimberley said...

Congrats on your 3 snow shoe runs sweets! Ya, it's so much harder on ss's - can't wait to get out on mine over the holidays though. It will be fun. Actually, can't wait to enjoy Christmas with you and the kidlettes and pup and kitties and family and friends. Boxing day will be heaven. See you soon. xo

Jason Robillard said...

Glad to hear the Vibram runs are going well! I've used them (coupled with Injinjis) for runs as low as -10F. You're right about the foot stimulation... it really does help keep them warm.