Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekly Summary May 31 - June 6

Quick Update.

7 weeks to Wakely! I think I can now officially start the count down, but I am in no rush for it to get there, I want to enjoy the first 7 weeks of summer, and I still have some serious work to do before then.

This past week of training was a huge confidence and strength builder, for the first time since before Pittsfield I am starting to feel real positive on where I am...but there is cautionary tale in this too. I was starting to feel the first signs of over training; I was not sleeping well and felt irritable, but for no apparent reason. Home life has been hectic and training steadily increasing, so not surprising . Last week when Derrick sent me my workouts for the week he told me that this week would be a recovery week. Wow, body and coach were in sync and knowing that I had a recovery ahead of me I knew I could push the week a little harder and have the time to recoup. Final total for the week was 9:27, which include a couple of small doubles, one strength in the park again, and an awesome back-to-back weekend.

The weekend was a true highlight. Saturday I ran 3:00, randomly meeting up with my old trail partner Eric (he was running with his friend Marc), on some back trail. Great time as the 3 of us ran for a good 1:30 together. Sunday Kim and I ran 2:15 in the rain on some really nice trails, with a quick stop at Herridge Cabin at about the 1/2 way mark. Total distance for the 5:15 was 49.2km with about 7,000ft of climbing. My hill strength has carried over from Pittsfield nicely, just need to focus a little on some downhills.

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Sara said...

Awesome week! You're going to do so well at Wakely. Enjoy some recovery this week!