Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Strider.

I can't believe our little puppy is a year old today. I can't remember what it was like without Strider in our lives, but again it feels like just yesterday when we brought him home. He is a great buddy to all of us, and loves each of us equally. He is turning into a great running partner, and did his longest run of 1:00 and 10.75km last week. Birthday hugs and slopping kisses to you my friend

Picking him up at the Breader.

Chillin together last night

So this week in training was a recovery week. Strange that I have been more tired and sore than in previous weeks. Trust in the coach! Anyhow total for the week was a respectable 6:38, that included running the Beaver chase race with Graham. I am proud of him for running it, but I don't think he enjoyed it that much.

Vice for the week.

and why is the Flake Bar the vice for the week? Well it is British, and the World Cup has started, so we must do our part.

So key run for this week is Saturday, so all roads lead to that training run this week. Lots of sleep and foam roller will the the prescription for the week

Happy Father's Day to my Fellow Dads.


Kimberley said...

Happy 1st Birthday Puppy Strider (still a pup 2 me)!
You've nestled your way deeply into our lives and our hearts. It's funny how the kids keep saying 'I can't believe we have a dog!'. :)

A few reminders to puppy Strider:
- butts are not for nose nudging
- hedges are not for eating
- cats are not toys (okay, well maybe)
- Mommy's face is not for licking (Slop away on Daddy and the kids, but not Mommy 'cause she's allergic)

Okay, now that we have that straightened out, enjoy your Birthday and have a happy nap this aft, dreaming about chasing butterflies.

Love Mom xoxox

ps - GO England GO! :)

Sara said...

WOOF! Happy birthday!