Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekly Summary May 24 - May 30

Good news this week was no evil food managed to upset my diet. I already confessed the Vickies and Hummus so that doesn't count. Another nice little increase in training time again, breaking the 8 hour mark with a total of 8:06, with a couple of good double days. There were few very nice highlights to the week.

1) Friday I had scheduled a 20min FF run followed by a strength workout. So I brought a Yoga mat I keep in my office for stretching on, did the FF run in the beautiful sunshine and then strength outdoors in the park. Beautiful. A bunch of people from work had all gone out for lunch and here I was running and exercising, guess where I preferred to be.
2) The weekend was the NCM race weekend here in Ottawa. Saturday evening Kim and Graham both ran the 10km race. This was Graham's first ever 10km race, and even though he would disagree he did really well. He was running strong until the 8km mark where he got a cramp and had to walk. The 8km mark is the tough point of a 10km race and he got to experience it first had. At least he is not giving up and may do a couple of other races (shorter) in the next few weeks. Kim cruised in, in 48mins. 30 secs over he BP, but she wasn't really pushing. She is getting stronger everyday.
3)Puppy Strider ran 6 days straight. With Kim and my schedule for the week it just worked out that for his morning walks they had to be easy runs. Nothing too long, 20-45 mins, but still he is developing a good base.
4) Sunday was a 3:30 run on some nice technical hilly trails in the Gats. It was an good test of nutrition and gear for Wakely. I kept my pace under control, so the distance wasn't that spectacular, but did get a lot of climbing in. Well I can quite honestly say that the caterpillar issue on the trails is pretty well a non-issue. I had visions of running and crunching caterpillars under my shoes for 3.5 hours. Don't think I stepped on one and only saw about 3 on the trail and had to brush 1 off my shoulder once. You can hear them munching away on the leaves, and there are bits of leaves on a lot of the trails, but not nearly has horrific as I had imagined it might be.

So this week is coming along well and will be a busy weekend, but everything is holding together well. Kim and I are being faithful with our Sauna routine and nutrition.


Sara said...

Great week of building mileage and long run. Congrats to you for that, Graham and Kim for their fine 10Ks, and PupS for his new running streak (joking).

For #1 on your list, how many days a week could you see doing this? I'm looking at something similar.

David said...

For #1 - only doing it when Bossman Derrick has me doing FF before strength, which was new last week for me. I am doing it again today at lunch, but plan on moving locations to an easy trail with a grass picnic area. Usually Derrick has me do FF's in the Mornings (with Pup) and Elliptical before Strength at the gym at lunch. I would say the max you'd want to do it is 3x per week. It is a great way to work on you tan too.

Derrick said...

Strider is officially in training to make the Yarker Sleddog Team with that kind of schedule:)