Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Activities & Festivities

Training for Wakely is ticking along quite well. Last week was really encouraging coming off an almost 4 hour run on the Saturday, I seemed to recover well and hit my workouts for the week. This past weekend was a little of a push with two races on Saturday and a 3 hour run Sunday.

Yup 2 races, one day. Smart? I'll let you know in a couple of days.

Saturday A.M. - Jog the Bog.

This was a small key local fun race organized by a guy (James) on Running Mania. About 20 people showed up for the event, and it was a great opportunity for Strider to run his first race. We ended up coming in 3rd and he beat me by a nose.

More Pictures Here

Saturday P.M. - Kilt Run (Perth)

I had mentioned back in January that Kim and I had registered for this event. It was an attempt at setting the world record for the largest number of participants wearing Kilts, and by the turn out they were more than successful. Our plan was to run a fairly relaxed run, but once the gun (and it was quite the loud gun) went off, Kim was in full race mode. We had a great time and with a strong finishing push Kim secured 2nd in her age group (which unfortunately we did not find out about till we got home) and like Strider, beat me by a nose. Just wasn't my day.

More Pics Here

Sunday A.M.

3 hour run on the Gatineau Trails. My left calf is quite stiff from running in my Vibrams at the Bog Jog, but even though I was dead tired Saturday night I got through the 3 hours feeling fairly strong. Really noticing some good strength coming back in my downhills.

Sunday Afternoon.

England was eliminated from the World Cup by Germany. As disappointing as this is, England has not had the best tournament and Germany was the much better team. I'll continue to watch and root for Germany, but starting this Saturday is the Tour de France, so I may be a little distracted.

Sunday P.M.

Taking a note from Derrick's post about Sweet Tater Pepper I just had to give them a try. My version was; I microwaved the sweet potatoes, scooped out the inners into a bowl. Added Garlic, diced up hot peppers, shredded cheese, cinnamon, salt and pepper, mashed and mixed it all together and stuffed into Sweet Peppers. Grilled on top rack of the BBQ for about 25mins. Awesomely delicious. Nice Cab/Merlot on the side.

Heading into a hard week of training as things start to peak before taper. Feeling good about things, and the only real niggle it the silly tight left calf.

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Sara said...

Beat by 2 noses! :) Lots of fun stuff - great races and training you guys! Love the photos.