Friday, May 21, 2010

Infrared Sauna

About 2 1/2 years ago I was flipping through a Get Out There Magazine and noticed an add for something called an Infrared Sauna. The advertisement was promoting the Sauna as an athlete recovery device, that also helps with injury prevention and rehabilitation. I was just about to start my training cycle to prepare for my first Boston, and as all runners had suffered a few injury set backs, this really peaked my interest. Also who doesn't enjoy the feeling of a good sweat in a sauna. So Kim and I hit the internet and started to do a little research on these Infrared Saunas. What we discovered really surprised us. I won't repeat all the facts that are repeated in a number of different sites, you can Google those, but here is a quick list of the highlighted benifits.
  • Weight Loss
  • Better Circulation and Increased Energy
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Speed Recovery from Injuries
  • Detoxification
  • Improved Immune System
  • Improves your strength and vitality
  • Relieves pain (joint pain, sore muscles, arthritis)
  • Combats cancer causing environmental causes
I encourage you to do a little research into these wonderful devices. One word of advice if you are looking for one is to purchase is to look at Carbon vs Ceramic heaters. The Carbon ones provide much better Infrared penetration.

Kim and I didn't spend too much time in it last year, we got lazy, but are back at it with a vengeance now. Anything we can do for Wakely, NYC, and longer happier lives.


Derrick said...

I'm a big believer in the benefits of infrared light from when I was working at a laser clinic...where it was used as part of the rehab treatment.

Have been using a handy little infrared rehab device recently with good results from Tanda.

Kimberley said...

Love our Sauna! And I'm so happy that we're back into a consistent routine 3 days on / 1 day off. I feel better already. :)
Thanks for posting this David.

Derrick said...

I meant to mention that it will be good heat training for WS100 and Badwater too;)

David said...

Hey you - don't you going stirring up stuff. Only way I'll be there is pacing you.
One of the benefits of the Infrared Sauna is you don't need it nearly has hot to work up a good sweat. With traditional saunas they are around 180 degrees, with infrared you can have it much lower so you can stay in longer. The actual penetration of the rays causes you to sweat. We have ours set at 132 and that is quite hot enough.

Lucy Eury said...

Yes, having your own far infrared sauna unit is actually beneficial to your health. It's good not only for relaxation, you can also gain a slew of health benefits too. I'm glad that you're trying to use the sauna regularly again, I hope you two can keep it up since most of the benefits can only be realized through regular use.
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