Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekly Summary May 10 - May 16

Seems like forever since I posted a weekly summary but since we are now in full on training for Wakely and Haliburton it is time to get both serious and accountable. I seemed to have recovered both physically and mentally from Pittsfield and Boston and all ready to get serious again. Really looking forward to some nice longer training cycles and building on the strength I gained over the winter. Also one of my main focuses will be diet. Kim and I have both found our weight slipping up and those nasty M&M peanuts getting the better of us.

Total training time for the week was 7:17, with quite the mixed bag of activities.

Mon: Noon 30min Elliptical
Tues: PM 70min, including Beaver Chase see Perfect Evening
Wed: Noon 30min on grass in my Nike Free 5.0
Thu: AM 64min - Great early morning run in the Trillium woods
Fri: Rest
Sat: 5Peaks Kingston 2hr19min - What can I tell you, a perfect race day by an awesome RD and his crew. A million thanks to Derrick, Sara and all the volunteers that made this race happen. I actually ran the Enduro course as a warmup and then paced Kim through her race, followed it up with a nice easy cooldown. I really wanted to focus more on the training mile than speed for the day so being able to run the enduro course twice was great. A really fun trail (some how I ended up 2nd in my AG too. What a hoot)
Sun: 61min - Kim and I stopped at the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area on our way out of Kingston Sunday morning. What a wonderful spot, just north of the 401 for a run. If you are ever in the Kingston area I would highly recommend checking it out.

We are having a busy week at home and work and heading towards the weekend it is not getting any easier, but we are hoping Monday will be a PJ day at home, butt on couch with coffee.


Kimberley said...

It was such an awesome week! Thank you for running 5 Peaks Kingston with me David. I loved it. And, I loved the Little Cat Trail.... such a fun trail and beautiful area. It was pretty cool seeing the swans too.
EVIL M&M's! xox

Derrick said...

Great week! Yes, the fun begins now.

But, those devil M&M's are so good though!

Amazing that Little Cat property is only about 1km west of J&J back trails.

...and Kim, Sara is going to be so pissed that you saw the swans and she hasn't seen them yet!

Sara said...

Great to see you two last weekend! I can't believe you saw the swans! No fair! ;)