Monday, November 30, 2009

Catch up time

I got in trouble at home for not at least posting my weekly updates for a while :)

So quick summary for the last 3 weeks

11/9/2009 — 11/15/2009 66.8 km 5:55:47
11/16/2009 — 11/22/2009 71.6 km 6:12:00
11/23/2009 — 11/29/2009 91.4 km 8:09:40

Home life and work life have been pretty busy, and and don't forget puppy life. Strider is doing great, he is in what we call the "troublesome threes" - but a sweetheart of a dog.

I am happy with my training - Derrick has been pushing, but not too hard and I have been responding well. I had a 34km run last Sunday (15th) and then B2B this week with my highest ever weekend of 52.25km.

Christmas is just around the corner so things are not going to settle down, but it is a great time of year, so all good.

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Kimberley said...

'Bout friggin' time! :) Congrats on a huge volume weekend David & coming off it feeling so good. I'm thrilled for you.
Yup, life is very, very busy. Take time to smell the Kicken' Ass Coffee.
Love you tons