Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Summary Sep 28 - Oct 4

9/28/2009 - 10/4/2009: 79.0 km 7:11:00

Well after last week's not so stellar performance, (1st week with puppy Strider), and Sunday's bagged run (Kim and I were both physically exhausted), this week it was time to get back at it. I am still trying to figure out schedule with puppy, so no doubles yet, but I'll get there. I did manage to add two days of elliptical workouts on my non-run days.

However the highlight of the week was discovering two new trails. The first wasn't new, I ran there before about 18 months ago, but not been back. It runs from P21 - just a short drive from work - to the Mer Bleue Bog (peat moss bog). The trail is only 3.5km (so 7km loop), but it is a nice mix of everything.

The second trail Kim and I discovered on Sunday. Looking at the Greenbelt trail map I found quite the group of trails leading off the Trans Canada trail not too far from home. So Sunday we headed across down the Trans Canada trail, and hung a left just past Moodie Drive. After a couple of wrong turns we get on track and discover the most wonderful network of trails, and then we come across this sign.

Doh!!! So this is where the trail is. So this is killing me. We have discovered this wonderful trail system, almost out our backdoor (just a painful 4km on roads/paved pathways). Where to do long runs is no longer a question. We are really looking forward to next Sunday's run.

I did do most of Sunday's run with my backpack. Not loaded down, just water and a couple of small items, but it felt heavy enough. Still not comfortable with the water bottle access with it, so need to tweak that. Anyone have any idea what a "good" weight for the backpack might be 8,10, 15lbs?

Mon - Noon 40' Elliptical
Tue - AM 1:20
Wed - Noon 50'
Thu - Noon 1:13
Fri - Noon Elliptical
Sat - AM 1:07
Sun - AM 2:09 (trails with Backpack) - AM 32' (easy on pathway)


JD said...

That trail looks sweet! That sign is like a dare!

I'm thinking of starting to run with the backpack soon as well. That's one of my big worries for R&I. All I'm missing is ... the backpack!

Derrick said...

Always fun to find new trails. Mer Bleue used to have a trail race that was a 12km loop. I remember that it was probably 7km loop on one side of the road and maybe 5km on the other side. I've only run there once a long time ago, but really nice trails. Must be part of the same ones you ran.

Always nice finding the Rideau Trail. Great that it's so close to your place. I can't remember what it's like through there or who long it is good there.

Hope puppy Strider is doing well. I'm sure things will settle down into a normal routine soon.

No big rush on the pack runs guys. Lots of time. Best to begin very gradually and super light.

No luck with the ebay pack JD?

David said...

There is another trail on the other side of the road, but it is usually under water - very boggy. I can see it being 2.5km long, so a double loop would give you the 12km. Really a race there. Hmmmm

We are going to explore more of the Rideau Trail - part of the trail next Sunday, I imagine it won't be too nice to too long, but we have other options in the same area.

Backpack was light, just getting the feel of something on my back. JD I got the GoLite VO24 from Backcountry. Best for the $$ and super light and comfy.

Puppy is doing great, really settling in.

Derrick said...

That sounds like the trail. It was the course they used to use for the Jim Howe Memorial race. I think they've moved it since. I probably ran it 12 years ago anyhow.

RE: Golite pace. The volume is a little less than the ones we've used, which will be fine once you fine tune your gear. I meant to ask you...for JD the dions fit in the exterior pocket ok and inside the sinch rope?

David said...

Ah the Jim Howe - that would make sense - Yup it has moved to Blackburn Hamlet.

I think there will be plenty of room in the V024... and YES the Dions fit perfectly in the exterior pocket inside the sinch rope, one of the first things I tried.

Did you see on TriRudy this morning they are starting the 1st snowfall prediction for the Park, and Mike posted the Madtrapper schedule. Won't be long now.

Derrick said...

Perfect re: Dions. Good to hear. There was a GoLite Multisport pack on ebay, but apparently he doesn't ship to CAnada.

Yeah, won't be long now. I asked Mike about his race dates as it looks like we can now get insurance and are planning a snowshoe race for here. Still working on details with the park. Fingers crossed!

JD said...

The only thing that keeps me from getting the Golite now is that you are the second person mentioning bottle access. I might try a few at MEC.

David said...

I think the issue with the bottle access is the same with any pack, you have to twist your arm a weird way to pull the bottle out. Hard to do while running, but also a learning curve. I was actually getting better at it at the end of my run yesterday. The bottle pockets on the GoLite are quite wide so there is bit of movement. It is a minor annoyance with the pack because overall it is perfect.

There was one other pack I tried was a Deuter brand - don't remember the Model

Sara said...

I kept a 500 ml thermos in each side pocket of my GoLite pack to balance the weight on each side. I had to contort a bit to get at them, but usually I opted to just stop for a sec, unclip and flip the pack onto one arm and make sure I took a long drink. Worked okay. Could be better, but I didn't mind it, and I liked that it forced me to drink lots while I was bothering with it.

David said...

Thanks Sara - that is likely what I will do, combined with some sort of handheld strap concoction. So I'll take it out, run/walk with it a bit and then put it back.

JD said...

Ok, ok, I give up. I will get a Golite. We will all be so pretty with our Dion snowshoes, Golite backs, La Sportiva shoes.

Next thing we know we're going to have a team jacket. Team Spafford!!!

David said...

Team "HA HA look who I suckered into freezing their ass off" is wearing ProGrid Razors, don't ya know.

But I haven't settled on a Jacket yet. Hmmmm.. Weren't we going to be the Ontario TURDS (TRAIL and ULTRA RUNNING DISTANCE SOCIETY)

JD said...

How could I forget about those shoes? They look mean!

After all the talk, I went to buy the Golite online at Backcountry and they were charging US43$ for shipping. WTF? I bought a nice Salomon pack at EuropeBound for Can100$. The snowshoes fit nicely in the back pocket, there are two mesh pockets on the sides for bottles/thermos and little pockets in the belt wings. I'm set!

Kimberley said...

O-TURDS eh? Love it. Can't wait to run those trails again this weekend!

Gear-a-holics! :)