Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekly Summary Feb 27 - Mar 4

As Derrick put it, it was my "get un-sick" week. I am still blown away by how low I let myself get. You always like to think it is just a cold and all in good time and it will be gone. Not this time. I am thankful I had the smarts to go to the Doctor, twice, and that I followed his direction, I hate to think where I would be right now if I hadn't. The week started slow as you would expect as I only finished off the antibiotics on Thursday. I have been pretty tired and listening to my body and having some of the best sleeps in months. As everything is finally flushing out I am starting to feel more myself, and looking forward to getting in a semi-longish run this weekend. For now SS100 is still on and the thought of the race is really getting me excited.

Summary - Total time 5:07

Mon - PM 20min EFX (Elliptical) - 20min was all I had
Tue - PM 32min Treadmill. A little longer, felt good to get the legs moving
Wed - PM 40min EFX
Thu - PM 35min Treadmill. Got in a little progressive speed work - topped out a 9mph
Fri - Rest
Sat - AM 92min is very wet and slippery and windy roads
Sun - AM 89min Cold and windy, but faster than yesterday and .5km further.

So I am still being very cautious, but everyday I feel just that much better. Really hoping to be done with this sickness and recovery by the weekend and we can really focus on getting ready for Sulphur.

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Sara said...

Glad you're starting to feel much better but still being cautious.