Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SS100 T-14 Weeks

So SS100 training started yesterday. I guess in reality it started back in Aug '03 when I went for my first run (in years) but we'll count yesterday as the starting point.

I am feeling pretty confident about getting through the training. I believe, physically I am in at a good point to handle the additional load, and mentally I am ready. 14 weeks isn't that long (some Marathon programs are 16 weeks) so I hope I can suck it up.

Things of note:

I am still sick (well actually we all are). 3.5 weeks and counting. I went to the Dr. last week and started antibiotics and I thought they were working, but Sunday afternoon the scratchy throat returned and I feel I am back where I was a week ago. Kim and Justine seem to be in the same boat, it is just going to take time. Back to the Dr. at 5:30 tonight.

I am giving up my Orthotics. It has been a long time coming and it seems like the right time. The only issue I am having is a flare of my Morton's Neuroma on my right foot. I am using a very shaved down orthotic with a beefed up Met pad on my trail runs which is helping significantly. Add to that exercises and stretches my physiotherapist has given me I anticipate being able to dump them completely in the next couple of months.

Diet? Yeah hot topic there. Hoping to loose about 7-8lbs in the coming weeks and get down to 145lbs (65.9kg). If I cut back on Hershey Kisses, peanut M&M', Cookies, Rolo Ice Cream and a little drinking it should be easy to loose the weight. I'll add that to my weekly summaries so I am a little more accountable.

So forward, lots to read and think about and I'll loads on time on the trails to do the thinking and recovery time to do the reading.


Johnny said...

Hope you feel better soon. Must be exciting to focus on such a big goal. You've got a great coach, so I'm sure you'll be ready.

I've started eating healthier today as well. It seems silly to worry about lightweight shoes and gear but then still carry around a bunch of extra body weight. However, if we don't get stronger and faster over the next 14 weeks, I think we should go back to eating ice cream.

David said...

Amen. I have a feeling I will binge eat for a month after, but I am going to do my best leading up to it. Tub of Rolo at the finish line.
I find it funnier for bikers, worrying about light weight bikes and carbon fiber water bottle cages when they are 20lbs over-weight :)

Cupcake Girl said...

The Rolo ice cream - peanut butter flavour - is Double Bellybuster's nemisis. I like the Oreos and peanut butter M&Ms and of course cupcakes. Sooo hard to give those up! Good luck!

Double Bellybuster said...

Rolo Peanut Butter ice cream is dope!