Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sulphur Springs 2010 after thoughts

Just a couple of things that I didn't put in my report.

  1. A woman past me about 3km into the 2nd loop, and as she went by said "I hope you don't mind me saying you have the most beautiful legs" - Just confirms what Kim has told me all these years :)
  2. The mud was tough for sure, but it was a tacky mud, not the shoe sucking variety I found. It ended up being easier to run through the centre in most sections rather than skirting about it. I do feel sorry for those people trying to run the course in road shoes. Watching them slip and slide was painful. The LaSportiva Crosslites gripped like a studded tire.
  3. What were those blue flowers in the woods? They were gorgeous, as was some of the forest sections.
  4. As I said in my report, the course was hilly. Not crazy long climbs, but over the 20km loop very little flat so a lot of constant elevation changing. On that note, my quads were trashed after. I know I was running the downs hard and felt it at the end. Note for next year Derrick, back to wall sits
  5. 90% sure I will run the 100 mile there next year - Post race I am feeling pretty confident I can do it on that course, and makes for easy crewing for Kim.
Recovery is going well, energy is mostly back and runs are slowly coming back. Not pushing too much as there is no rush to. Loads of time till Wineglass still, and best to start that training 100%.

On a completely unrelated running note, we just bought a new/used car. A 2010 Toyota Yaris. Bought it for the great fuel efficiency and that it is an automatic so much easier for the kids to drive. We get it Saturday - Her name is BlueBerry.


Kimberley said...

Yup, sexiest legs that I've ever seen! :)
Love the crewing at Sulphur - it's a lot easier than Haliburton with 0 chance of my getting lost.
I'm so excited about Blueberry and anxious to pick her up on Saturday.
OBTW - Blueberry's colour looks great near your Boston shirt that you're wearing in the Sulphur pic. Love it. xoxox

David said...

It was the wonderful Barbados Tan that made them look that way.
I'll have to wear that shirt when we go pick her up. I think she'll like her new home, and will fit right in with the family.

Sara said...

Blueberry is a sweet looking gal! Nice.

Enjoyed the post-race notes. Fun to start thinking about the 100 there next year!!

Aren't wall sits the best?

Derrick said...

Noted....yes, the wall sits will definitely be a good call to get back into the routine going into a 100.

Welcome BlueBerry!

EJ said...

Are you going to start shaving them now? I am not a car person. I have never ever named a car. You people are weird;-)

David said...

Only Bikers and Really Slow swimmers shave, trail runners gotta have the hairy legs.
Cars with names? - you'll love this story