Friday, July 30, 2010

No more yucky taste

After suffering through the awful taste of purification tablets at Wakely, and knowing that as I head towards 100 miles I'll need a little more water, I purchased one of these

Logic being that not only could we use this for water on runs, but also when we are travelling so we don't get runs from water.

Recovery is going well from Wakely. Only sore spot is the top of my left ankle for some reason, but I have an appointment with my Steve at In Balance Chiropractic at lunch today so that should all be resolved.

6 Weeks till Haliburton - Yikes!


Derrick said...

45 secs per treatment is a small price to pay for great taste. Just love our Steripen. They can eat up batteries, so worth getting rechargeables. We got the solar charger that is also great for extended camping trips away from power.

You'll love it!

Sara said...

Yeah the steripen definitely rocks.

6 weeks!!