Monday, February 22, 2010

Taper Time

Well the title says it all. But what is taper and what does it do? A couple of great articles by Dr. Greg Wells Just when you think they're training harder... & TAPERING – THE ART AND SCIENCE OF SPORT PERFORMANCE. Give them a read, so you know when it is time to taper - don't try and get that one last extra workout in.

Now how to stay sane?


EJ said...

Now how to stay sane?
You need another hobbie.

David said...

You need another hobbie.

Does watching the Olympics and eating Peanut M&M's count as a new hobbie?

Sara said...

Let the madness begin! :)

JD said...

Big weekend coming up. You must be getting excited.


Kimberley said...

If eating M&M's is a hobby, you definitely have that one...tehehe. :) So far you seem pretty sane so we'll see what the next couple of days brings. Oh man, I'm getting so excited.... you must be way jazzed up. I wonder what other hobbies we can take up to keep you busy? :) xo

Sara said...

Best of luck to both of you! Have funnnn!!