Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Registered for Peak Snowshoe Marathon

Well after JD registered yesterday for the Sustina 100, I figured I should commit and register for a measly 26.2 miles - so it is done too. If anyone else is coming down, we are staying at the Casa Bella Inn, looks like a nice spot with a great Italian Restaurant.

I find myself really looking forward to this race. I still have a few weeks of training left, but I am feeling more and more comfortable on my Snowshoes. I did run into a problem last weekend with the Razors bruising the top of my right foot, so I have to go through some shoe experimenting.

I had had a couple of strong 8+ hour weeks of training, but am stepping back hard, with 2 complete rest days, for the first part of this week as I am feeling quite tired for some reason.


Sara said...

Whoo hoo, an epidemic of race registrations!

You're going to do great, I'm totally excited for you.

Love the new photo at top, looks tres fun.

JD said...

Wish we had half the snow you guys have up there. (What? I can't believe I just said I wanted snow!)

From what I understand from Sara and Derrick's race report, even though it's "a measly 26.2 miles", you're in for a world of pain!


_Eric_ said...

Wow... Your nuts !!!

Give me a call Dave